Other Stories

Hello! I’ve been writing sims stories for about four years. In that time, I’ve amassed quite a plethora of stories. Most aren’t finished, but might be worth checking out as each generation is like a stand alone story.

Have fun perusing!



A Stroll in Forgotten Hollow

A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Ongoing Regularly updated

My most popular series, this follows six generations of romance drama in this legacy saga that uses the I’m a Lover Challenge. Each generation is a stand alone story and always different in theme. Mature content.

Day & Knight


TRIBE WAHINE an Amazon Challenge

An epic journey through six generations and counting, this story follows the trials and tribulations of the Tribe Wahine and their struggle to follow the harsh cultural rules against men. Will the women leaders finally give men their freedom or will they constantly battle in never ending forbidden relationships?

On Hiatus (but will finish)


DISORDER: a dystopian romance

When two worlds collide, a girl from the lowly cast is thrust into the world of the elite–the hated genetically altered, “perfect” citizens of the World Order kingdom and right into the arms of the prince. Will she be able to spy on the kingdom, undoing WOE, the world order enforcer, that kills citizens of the cast if they disobey? Or will she fall in love?

a divan

Dim Sims in the City–An ISBI Challenge

(I’m Surrounded by Idiots)–Follow Divan Rex as he makes his way through trying to raise a family that can’t be controlled by his Creator. But unfortunately for him, his Creator is in his head, nagging incessantly. Will he ever be rid of her and lead a normal life? This is an interactive story between author and main character with new story arcs every generation. A comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


The Mansion on Horrid Hill: a Male Prettacy

Harry Horrid hates his life. He’s not like the other gnomes who, to him, are normal. They have normal noses and normal eyes. They don’t have green skin like he does. Why doesn’t he fit in? Add that to the fact that his hated nemesis, Lacey, laughs at him and calls him a troll. Trolls are mean, snobby people. Surely Harry isn’t one of them! But on his young adult birthday the truth comes out and Harry is left with a huge mansion and a bunch of well kept secrets. Will he be able to do what is expected of him?

This is a male prettacy that follows these prettacy rules.