Twenty-five: Traitor

“Ye finks she’ll be all right, Francisco?” I heard Ferbish’s low voice above me.

Woozy, I took a deep breath, opening my eyes. Instead of the dark cavern, I was lying on a cold, stone floor.

“Athena? Are you awake?” Francisco asked, stroking my forehead.

Blinking, I pulled myself to my knees. “Where are we?”

Francisco gulped. “You’re not going to like it.”

“We’re in the Droor Elf dungeons, that’s where we are, Miss,” Ferbish explained.

“And it’s me own damned fault. I shouldna given ye that harspwing fairy. It put us under a spell, and before we knew it, an army of Droors surrounded us. I would have been on me guard but got distracted.”

“But where’s Brenden? And Pigeon?” I looked around and only saw my friends and the gargoyles.

Francisco glared. “He sold you out. When the elves were going to kill him, he explained that you were the Wishcaster and that the Under Realm queen would want to see you. He’s nothing but a coward.”

“I don’t believe it,” I whispered. “There has to be a reason he’d do such a thing. Maybe he’s planning an escape somehow. You said there was an army of elves. We couldn’t fight them off obviously.”

Holly and Ferbish gave each other knowing, sad looks.

“I’m sorry, Miss,” Ferbish said. “It’s as yer friend here says. Brenden got rewarded fer turning you in.”

“Yeah,” Gabby interjected. “And they also uncovered his glamour. He’s a full-fledged, malicious Droor Elf with all the power, too. He handed you over, cackling like a witch. No offense, Athena.”

I rolled my eyes, not believing what I was hearing. “But why didn’t they just take us when we were in the mountains? That doesn’t make sense.”

   Francisco shook his head. “Maybe they needed more elves to attack us. That bird was in on it with him. She watched from above, not helping us fight them off.”

“Yeah, I shoulda known somefing was funny when Pigeon didn’t put on her shroud in the cave,” Ferbish added with a sneer. “But that harpswing made me mind go funny. Bloody hell, I’m so stupid. It was the perfect trap.”

I sat on a cold hard stone, stunned. Everyone followed, not saying anything. How could I have been so dumb? So deceived? But it all didn’t make sense. If Brenden needed me to end his curse, he could have done it dozens of times throughout our ordeal. I just couldn’t believe he was a traitor. When he spoke to me at the ruins, he seemed so sincere. 

But then what if he was the one who spirited us into the Under Realm? And he would need help to get us to the Elivagar mountains near his brothers. Maybe he’d devised his plan while we were at Nurse Mellecant’s home.

My stomach lurched. The thought of Brenden being evil was making me sick.

“I heard the guards mutter that we was going to the Queen soon,” Grigor said, waving his arms. “She’ll make us slaves. Or worse. The queen hates gargoyles.”

“They won’t make me no slave,” Ferbish spat, jumping to his feet. “I’ll fight ’em off or die trying.”

Suddenly, two guards came in. One put up his hands as magical designs like a kaliedescope appeared. Shackles materialized on the gargoyles and my friends. A gag wrapped itself around my mouth, startling me. One guard smirked and said, “We can’t be too careful with you, now can we?” He jerked my arm and brought me out of the dungeon.

The guards ushered me through the castle to a large living area, and I saw what I assumed to be Brenden’s three brothers sitting in some chairs. The middle one wore a crown.

And then I spied Brenden. He wouldn’t look at me.

My head wanted to burst. Traitor! How could he allow them to gag me and treat me so horribly? He knew I couldn’t cast a spell with my mouth. It was so humiliating.

“Ah, little brother, you HAVE outdone yourself this time.” The elf chuckled. “Hello, dearest Athena of the Over Realm. I am Sir Duff McAilf, King of the Droor Elves. I’m so happy to make your acquaintance.”

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Chapter Twenty-four: The Cave of Woe

Ferbish started another fire, its warmth soothing my skin but the vision of Brenden’s brothers and their threat kept reappearing in my mind. “Um…Brenden?” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t think I was crazy. “I had a strange dream last night.”

He gave me a nervous look. “That doesn’t sound good. Please share it then.”

I detailed what I saw–Brenden’s brothers only they had tan skin and dark hair.

Ferbish groaned. “That’s them in shrouds, Miss. But I didn’t see anyfing while I was sleeping. They couldn’t be close.”

Grigor shook his head. “Nawr…not close. I didn’t see them either.”

“Are you sure they said they would ambush us as we leave the ruins?” Brenden asked, worry etched along his face.

I nodded wishing it wasn’t true.

Ferbish shot a glance at Brenden. “Then me and Grigor best not put on our shrouds today. Gotta fly. And I don’t fink we got time fer breakfast neither.”

Brenden gulped. “I quite agree.”

Pigeon gave a squawk and flew up ahead of us, not putting on her shroud so she could fly as well.

Ferbish wrapped his arm around me and said, “Sorry, Miss, but it’s the fastest way.”

I smiled gingerly at him, wishing I could turn into that drakkan and fly myself. I was so heavy, I felt badly. Grigor picked up Francisco and Holly. I looked all around, but there were no scary elves chasing us, thank God.

Through the cold air, Pigeon kept cawing loudly to follow her. After a while, I saw the clearing and the fence of Gilly’s Trap. “She’s taking us to the ogres. Why are we following her?”     

“Because now that my brothers know about us,” Brenden explained, “we have to leave quickly. The only way out is through the Cave of Woe. Unless you can use your magic, Athena.” He searched my face, but I only shook my head. 

Ferbish flew into the cave and set me down. Both he and Grigor put on their shrouds, turning into those handsome teenagers again. Luckily, the ogres weren’t anywhere around.

I spied a glow pulsing from within, similar to what I saw in the moor. “Is there crimerife here?”

    Brenden shrugged. “Could be, but I wouldn’t know. Only witches can sense it. I’m an elf that’s been cobbled into a fairy. I have no powers. Do you feel something?”

    Sniffing, Ferbish jerked his head. “I don’t smells anyfing, Miss.”

    “Can you see a glow over there?” I asked.

    “I see nofing. What about you, elf?”

    “I’ve been in this cave before. I didn’t see crimerife, but there could be other things lurking. I haven’t visited the place in quite some time. But, Athena, we must get you back to Middle Realm. It’s the only way. If there is something living there, we’ll have to deal with it.”

I noticed a shimmering pond with a gaping hole in the cave’s ceiling. I shivered. And then I saw the glow, but it didn’t worry me. “Beautiful!” I whispered.

“What is it, Athena?” Holly asked.

“I’m not sure,” I answered, walking closer to the light.

Right in the middle of the cave danced large, shining fireflies. 

As I approached, I noticed the bright glowing things flitting around a bush.

Ferbish raced ahead, whooping. “Well tickety too, would ye look at that!”

“Wait up!” Grigor cried.

Obviously seeing the same thing I did, Ferbish went over to the bush with the glowing dots flashing here and there.

“Come here, ye little imp,” Ferbish cooed as he swiped up something I couldn’t quite see.

With a mischevous grin on his face, Ferbish said, “Close yer eyes, Miss. I have a present for ye.”

Walking over to him, I asked, “What is it, Ferbish? Tell me!”

“Nawr…I promise I’ll show ye, but we gotta be quick. Come here now.

“Open yer hands and be careful or you’ll scare it clean away.”

Draping his arms around around me, I widened my fingers and he placed a tiny pixie in my hands. It had a slender body and a delicate, angular face with wings that looked exactly like a harp. “Oh my God, is this a harpswing fairy?”

“Aye that. Be careful!” he warned. “They’ll bite if’n ye get in their way fer too long.”

Before I could say anything more, the fairy fluttered out of my hands. Suddenly, a warmth fell over me. It was as if my heart squeezed. Next thing I knew I was looking into Ferbish’s eyes as he tilted my chin toward him.

“Did ye like yer gift?” Ferbish asked, his voice so light, it was like a song that I was drifting through. What had come over me?

Without a word, I just nodded, hugging him as he hugged me back. Ferbish felt warm and safe. “It was amazing,” I answered. “Thank you for the gift.”

“Ye was lucky the full moon happened last night and a birth of harpswings was here.”

Suddenly, my head felt woozy as if I’d just spun in circles.

“What are you two up to over there?” Brenden asked.

In a haze, I floated over to Brenden–the dark elf fairy whom I liked so much, he made my heart beat fast.

For some reason, I felt all giddy like a million giggles wanted to bubble out of me. “We just saw a fairy, Brenden. A harpswing. Did you know it looked like a girl version of you only it had sharp teeth. Very cute. I wanted to kiss it but it flew away!”

“Athena…are you feeling well? You’re looking quite pale.”

“I’m feeling fine. The best ever! If only I could feel like this forever, I’d be…” But my mind forgot what I was about to say.

“Yeah, Mr. Elf. We feels just fine. Me and the little Miss got a…”

The warmth I felt earlier ran along my arm and sprang into my chest, satisfying me like sitting by a campfire on a cold night. My thoughts went to my mother and father. My sister. I wanted to see them so badly. I pictured our little house and the tiny garden. Oh, how I wanted to go back to it. I’d never complain again or wish for another life. 

     And then like in a dream, my heart soared to the Middle Realm. I saw myself flying over a sea of sand, yearning for a mountain in the distance. The air whipped around me, buffeting my ears with a loud roar as I flew faster. 

“Athena, Ferbish!” Brenden shouted. “What’s happening?”

Without warning, the warm feelings turned into incredible pain, rocketing through my body and then a shroud of darkness overtook me.

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Chapter Twenty-three: The Challenge

I wished I hadn’t made Brenden talk about what happened to his friend, Rory.

He shook his head, saying, “Rory gave his life for me that day. Somehow, my brothers found out my plan to escape the Under Realm.” Tears glittered in his eyes.

“And they would have seized me if the raven hadn’t used his body…”

Brenden stopped. Swallowing, he said, “Must I go on, Athena?”

     I drew in a deep breath. “I’m sorry about Rory. And I believe you. But I don’t understand about the Middle Realm queen. She looked at you like she hated you. And if they gave you sanctuary, why are you still cursed?”

     “They used a potent glamour on me, basically turning me into a fairy.

“It was the former Wishcaster who talked Queen Oria into it. He took pity on me that day, nearly fifty years ago, as I stumbled into Middle Realm.

“Oria didn’t trust Droor Elves or anyone from the Under Realm for that matter.

“Fairies are one of the most prejudiced creatures on the planet.”

Brenden looked at me. “Including your humans. No one in the Middle Realm knows my true identity, even Lenora, except for the queen and the Wishcaster, Great Guardian rest his soul.

“And that’s why I don’t want anyone else to know my story. The little everyone knows about me the better. Please don’t share this with your friends, Athena.”

I nodded and said, “I won’t tell anyone, Brenden.”

     He wrinkled his brow.

     “What’s wrong?” I asked.

     Dropping his elbow to his knees, he said, “I’m just a bit worried about what to do next. We can’t stay here. As it is, this curse on my body is like a beacon to my brothers. They’ll find me if we stay.”

     I sighed. The wind in the black trees rattled as the moon started to glow. How could a place so beautiful be so dangerous? “Then we’ll have to leave. But where can we go?”

     “The way I see it,” Brenden flinched, “there are only two paths in and out of the Under Realm. The first is through the Cave of Woe. And the second…” He stared at me.

     I knew what he meant but I didn’t want to go there. I felt like a mouse hiding from a huge lion that was about to devour me. Shaking my head, I said, “I can’t get us back, Brenden. I have no idea how I did it in the first place. Maybe it was you as the Wish Book all along. When you were in book form, my magic worked. I wished and it happened.”

    Brenden shook his head. “That’s not it.” His nostrils flared as his eyebrows drew together angrily. “You’ve changed, Athena. I don’t know how or why but ever since you lost your wheelchair, you’ve become scared. Weak.”

     “What?” I screeched.

     “I’ll never forget when I first watched you, you were full of confidence. It didn’t matter who came against you—bullies, teachers, parents, little sisters, you could take on the world, standing up to them.”

He smiled at me. “I’ve never been so proud of anyone before in my life just watching you blazing a trail in that chair. And when you released your power against your grandmother in your backyard, I knew then we had our Wishcaster.

“But ever since Ferbish ripped off that shroud and took away your wheelchair, you’ve doubted yourself. You’ve turned to others for help. Me…

“the stupid gargoyles…

“Francisco…am I correct?”

     I looked at my long fingers and blue skin—these were not the hands I grew up with. I didn’t even know myself anymore. Maybe he was right. In my wheelchair, I had to grow strong for people to see me. I was different so that helped me become bolder…and now? I was supposed to be this Wishcaster that needed to keep the realms from warring and have some incredible power. I felt like Samson with all the strength in the world only it had been taken away by the snip of scissors.

     Brenden poked me in the shoulder and said, “Hey. Believe in yourself, Athena. I do.”

He whispered, squinting, “It’s time. Break the chains you’ve created for yourself and unleash the dragon. That’s the only way we’ll escape.”

     I bit my lip, staring into his dark eyes. “I don’t know if I can.”

     Looking out to the forest in front of us, he answered, “A wise old Brindle elf once said, ‘If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t, you’re right.’”

     I’d heard that quote before. My science teacher, Ms. Hornblatt, had it on a poster on her classroom wall. “A Brindle elf didn’t say that. Thomas Edison did. A human.”

     Brenden raised his eyebrows. “Who says Thomas Edison wasn’t a Brindle elf?”

     I had no idea. Nothing surprised me at this point. Suddenly, my stomach made a loud gurgling sound.

     We both laughed, cutting the tension.

“Best get by the fire and eat, eh, Athena?”

     My face warmed. “Yeah. I didn’t realize how hungry I was.”

    When I rose up to go back to the rest of our group, Brenden stopped and pulled me into a hug, whispering, “I believe in you. And know that for my part, I’ll do everything I can to get you back to the Middle Realm. I promise.”

     His words made my stomach do some crazy, mushy things and before I could think, I was hugging him back.


Ferbish caught some fish with his bare hands in the pond near us and we cooked them over the fire, eating until we were full.

“That was the best fish supper I’ve ever eaten,” Holly said, pointing at Ferbish. “You should be a chef. Maybe you could come back with me to the Over Realm and start a restaurant. We could call it the Roasting Gargoyle.”

Ferbish laughed so hard he snorted.

“What would yer fancy human friends say when they saw me muscles and horns now?” Ferbish said, smiling brightly.

“They’d pee their breeches,” Grigor added. “Hey, I’d like to see that, Ferbish. Maybe we should make a visit, eh?”

“I know all my friends would think you guys were cool,” Holly said. “Especially my mom.”

“All right, lass,” Ferbish said. “Tell you what. When we make it out of here, I promise to give ye a visit. But it would have to be in the nighttime. Over Realm is notoriously bright in the day. Would hurt me gargoyle eyes.” He winked.

“Now if’n ye don’t mind, I’m a might done in. Needs me beauty rest.”

Grigor snorted. “Ye means yer ugly rest. Yer about as bonny as that bald stump over there, Ferbish.”

“Am not!” Ferbish pounced on Grigor and the two wrestled until Ferbish forced Grigor to apologize.

The two said good night and then took down the gargoyle statues that were near the entrance and each jumped up on the podiums and grimaced.

“Brenden…” I asked, blinking, “what are they doing?”

“Oh…haven’t you seen gargoyles sleep? They really are worth their weight in gold sometimes if you can put up with their foolishness.

“In their dream state, they are like sentinals guarding over the place they rest. We will be quite protected. I will sleep soundly tonight.”

“That’s about the weirdest thing I’ve seen yet and that’s saying something,” Francisco said, laughing. “But cool, too.”

Next, we decided to go to sleep as well. We all found a place to rest, snuggling close together for warmth.

In the morning as the dull sun rose in the darkness, I woke to the sound of Brenden cursing. “Good Guardian, Francisco, I am not your personal pillow. Have you been resting on me all night?”

Without opening his eyes, Francisco said, “Who knew fairies slash elves were so soft?”

“The nerve! I would kindly ask that you remove your head from my shoulder at once.”

I laughed. The two seemed to be getting along much better lately.

“He did say it nicely, San Fran,” Holly offered.

“Yeah, yeah,” Francisco mumbled. But he wasn’t moving so Brenden gave up.


I went back to sleep. Hazy clouds enveloped me, and then I spied Brenden’s brothers looking for us. It made my heart shrivel. The dream was so vivid, I could have sworn it was real. And these brothers looked different from Brenden’s elf form–they didn’t have the silver hair or pointy ears. Their skin was a tan color, not a charcoal gray. It was so strange.

And one of them was talking about ambushing us once we left the ruin.

When I woke up, I was grateful it was just a dream. But the haunting feeling never left me. Something was wrong.


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Chapter Twenty-two: Prince Brenden MacAilf

     “Quickly, traitor,” Ferbish ordered as he flew over Brenden. “I don’t want to spend another moment in the lands of the Droors.” As if on cue, the frosty wind picked up, sending ripples over the shrubs jutting out from the snow.

     “Dear, Athena,” Brenden said, wrenching his head toward me, “I will tell you everything once we’re in a safe place. The ruins are near us where no dark elves will venture. It’s just a short walk from here.” Brenden’s voice cracked, “I promise.”

I nodded at Ferbish.

     Grumbling, the gargoyle cut Brenden’s bindings. Ferbish thrust his face inches from Brenden’s. “Ye better make good on ye promise to the little Miss. If no elf will venture to that place, we can leave yer body for the mealy worms to eat. Don’t fink I won’t.”

     Brenden swallowed, blinking and not saying anything. He rubbed his arms from the rope pinching his skin.

     Urgently, the gargoyles flew us toward the enormous, uneven mountains. Settling on a specific area, Brenden pointed the gargoyles toward the mouth of a small cave. Underneath was a steep cliff. One false step and we would plummet to our death. “There it is.”

     “How did ye come across this place, elf?” Grigor wondered as he gawked at the glowing crystal orb mounted next to an open book.

     Brenden didn’t answer Grigor’s question but said, “We’d better start a fire and eat something before we rest.”

    Ferbish grumbled, “I’ll make the fire. You start talking, elf, before I lose me temper.” He marched over to the nearest tree and started yanking off the branches.

    Grigor followed dropping log after log onto a pile.

After the fire was lit, Pigeon landed on a small pillar next to us. She made a loud squawk.

    Brenden tracked Ferbish with his eyes as the gargoyle came up next to him. “I’d rather speak to Athena alone. This doesn’t concern any of you except for her. She will be the Wishcaster, after all, and if she agrees to allow me to continue, that should be good enough for all of you.”

     Ferbish glowered. “Are ye joking, elf? Ye finks me so dumb I’d let you run off wif the Miss and allow you to spin ye magic tricks on her? No. Ye confess now. To all of us.”

     Swallowing, Brenden responded, “Dear intelligent challenged creature, I’m not so stupid as to think that, but this is none of anyone else’s business. I can assure you I don’t have my powers. As you can see, I’m a fairy in shadow and believe me if I could cast a good spell I would have done it by now and jettisoned us out of this bloody hell hole I used to call home.” Brenden’s eyes locked onto mine. “Please, Athena? I’m not lying. I will tell you everything.”

     “Let me go with you,” Francisco spoke. “I’m with Ferbish. I don’t trust him.”

     Lifting the side of my mouth, I said, “No, it’s fine. I’ll be okay, Francisco.” Turning to Brenden, I asked, “Where do you want to go, Brenden?”

     “Follow me,” he said, moving toward a small bench away from everyone. I sat next to him.

   Rubbing his neck nervously, Brenden began his tale.

“I am the youngest child born to the king of the Droor Elves, Sir Giric Dub MacAilf. I have three older brothers whose mother died a year before I was born. Grieving, my father married my mother, Siobhan, within a few months, and I popped on the scene much to my brothers’ distress. It wouldn’t have been so bad if my father hadn’t doted on me.

“It also didn’t help that my mother would inflict the fact of his preference every time she could.

“I will have to admit, as I grew, I was much more adept in the ways of the Droor Arts, excelling in fencing, riding, and magic.

“By the time I had reached my zenith birthday, to you that would be similar to your fifteenth year, my brothers’ devised a plan to get rid of me. My father had grown old, blind, and sick, and in his dementia, mentioned to my eldest brother, Duff, that I was the intended heir.

“Duff would not be bested by his little brother.

“He brought me out in a fight to the death.”

   I cringed. “That must have been awful for you. What did you do?”

    Flinching, Brenden went on, “Droor law is very clear on the matter.

“I was to take up the challenge or be cast out as a coward. It was kill my brother or be killed by him. It was his right as he would have been the lawful heir if my father hadn’t deemed me his better. I knew I was done for.

“At that time, my brother was a fully-grown elf, and although I had marked potential, the fight would have been over in a few minutes. So, I took a chance that all my fool brother wanted was the throne. But I was wrong. He wanted my death.

“When I told Duff he could have the crown, he flew into a rage, whipping my other brothers against me.

“By the time it was all over, a trial by the Droor Council was set up to banish me.

“My father was powerless against it as all the elves in the Realm were repulsed by my perceived cowardice. A Droor Elf is always brave, always fearless, always cunning. I should have jumped at the chance to defeat my brother.

      “The trial took a mere hour to decide my fate.

“The words were etched with magic on my body and I was cast out.

“My shroud was taken from me, so even in the daytime, all could look upon the curse and sneer at me as if I had a horrible disease. If an unseemly character happened upon me, it was their right to do what they would with me whether that be slavery, torture, or worse. Luckily, I did have my magic skills to get by, but any crafty creature could ambush me in a minute and so, all the magic in the world wouldn’t have helped.”

     I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and my heart sank, thinking about what Brenden went through. The words on his body said to show him no mercy. “But you survived,” I breathed.

     Brenden gave me a dark look. “Yes, thank the Great Guardian. The Under Realm has many exceptional creatures, one of which is the raven. Ravens are special, although fearsome as you’ve witnessed with Pigeon, but if you make a friend of one, you will have a formidable ally. I made a raven friend. His name was Rory.

“He found me in the pit of despair in this very ruin. I was about to take my life through the use of dark magic. It is said that any Droor elf who even steps on these grounds will fall under a curse for the rest of their lives as it was used by our ancestors for torture and other dark arts.

“But it was a perfect place for me. I was going to use the crytallice to wield foul magic to kill myself.

“Thankfully, as I was about to utter the last incantation to obliterate my being, Rory saved me.”

  “He then encouraged me to seek sanctuary in the Middle Realm.”

  “So ravens can talk,” I said, thinking I hadn’t heard Pigeon utter one word other than a few garbled warblings.

    “I wouldn’t call it talking so much as perception. I basically understood what he wanted me to do. Sort of a sixth sense. Ravens are like your Over Realm angels, in a way. They can peer into the soul of a person. He knew I was innocent and took pity on me. That is why Pigeon is here with us now. She knows I hold no ill will against any of you. I’m not a traitor. If I were, she would have destroyed me long ago.”

    Thinking back, Pigeon did all she could to save us, but I didn’t have any sense from her like Brenden talked about. Maybe I couldn’t understand Ravens. But it seemed logical.

   Brenden continued his tale, “I then followed Rory’s guidance to Gilly’s Trap. And believe me, Athena, when I tell you there were no ogres. We ambled down the trail to the Cave of Woe.”

“What happened to Rory then? Where is he?” I asked.

Brenden swallowed, putting his face in his hands. He didn’t speak for a long time.


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Chapter Twenty-one: The Land of the Droors

Ferbish yanked Brenden by the arm and pushed him toward the gate.

After the sun set, the air became clearer to me and Brenden’s skin glowed that strange pale color. Off went both Grigor and Ferbish’s shrouds.

“Been wanting to do that all day,” Ferbish snarled. “Now, fairy, I gots me gargoyle powers and will rip ye from limb to limb if ye try any tricks wit these friends of yers.”

     Brenden winced. “These aren’t my friends. I don’t know anyone here. I only know of a path.”

     The huge man waved at us and called out, “Come along then, all of you. I must be shutting the gate soon. It’s the witching hour.”

The man leered at me. “Seems this one got ahead of everyone and came without her shroud on. Peculiar.”

I didn’t like his tone. But before I could say anything to him, another man came alongside him.

“Best we removed ours, don’t ye fink?” his friend asked, licking his lips.

The man smiled and said, “Oh yes, where are me manners?”

He whipped off his shroud, revealing dark reddish skin, long black hair and muscles that rivaled the gargoyles.

    “Ogres!” Ferbish hollered.

    All at once, nasty monsters surrounded us.

One cried, “They look tasty, don’t they?”

    “I gots the human girl. Ratskin outdid himself, he did.”

    Holly cried out, “Let’s get out of here!”

    Instantly, Pigeon shot her hands up then shrieked unintelligible words.

A green wave of smoke enveloped the ogres closest to us like a wicked snake, sending them crashing to the ground.

Pigeon took off her shroud, turning into a raven and flew above us.

     Growling low with anger, Ferbish ordered, “Grigor, get Holly and Francisco. I’ll take the traitor and Athena!”

     One of the ogres Pigeon missed, lunged toward me as Ferbish scooped me up, flapping his wings in the air.

    Sweat erupting on my face, I was losing my grip on the gargoyle as the ogre yanked on my leg. Noticing, Ferbish kicked her in the head as she howled, falling to the ground.

    Heart beating, we made our escape into the darkness.

Looking over at Brenden’s sad face, he shook his head and mouthed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

    I glared, spitting his lies back at him. Glancing down as we rushed higher over the landscape, I saw endless dark rocks and a smattering of rivers rushing beneath me .

At that moment, my mom and dad’s face flashed in my mind, and a homesick pang gnawed at the pit of my stomach like never before.

I thought about Zelda. I hoped she was okay. Not lonely and scared in a strange place. Shaking, the blood rushed out of my head. I felt trapped. Helpless. Would I ever see my home again?

I longed for the tiny, dusty house, my old bedroom that Zelda had ruined. I wanted my old life back. I wanted to see Adam Slack—the boy I once had a crush on.

I even wanted to go back to my wheelchair.   

     I didn’t want to be this mixed monster. I didn’t want to fix the world. I didn’t want to become the Wishcaster.

    I just wanted to go home.


     After we soared over the darkness for a while, the air grew steadily colder and strangely brighter until snow flurries tingled on my face. I wiped them off.
Ferbish gave a signal to Grigor to land in a clearing surrounded by tall mountains covered in snow. I shivered. Although my tunic was plenty warm enough for me, there was an eerie quality here unlike even at Gilly’s Trap.

It was as if the beauty was hiding something sinister.

Glancing at Brenden, I worried for him even though I was so mad he’d betray us. I had no idea why I’d feel bad for him. He was evil. He deserved whatever the gargoyles were going to do.

      Ferbish retied Brenden’s hands and put them behind his back. He also bound his feet. Pointing at him, he warned, “And don’t try any of yer tricks. I’ve got my eye on you.”

      “Now see here, gargoyle,” Brenden sputtered. “I had no idea those ogres lived there. It was Ratskin. He’s your traitor. Not me!”

     Grigor ordered, “Hush, traitor, or we’ll do worse. We like ye friend’s plan to leave ye to the Balor bats, we does.”

     “Balor bats are too good for the likes of him.” Ferbish spat on the ground. “I say we do him in right now. Get it over wif.”

       Brenden struggled, trying to pull at the ropes. “Stupid gargoyles, you don’t even know where you are. If we don’t move out of here quickly, you’ll all be killed.”

     “Says you.” Ferbish pointed at him. “I ain’t listening to another word out of yer lying mouth.”

     “I’m serious,” Brenden screeched. “Look around. Haven’t you ever heard of the Elivagar mountains?”

     Grigor’s eyes glowed ominously. “Elivagar? Home of the Droor Elves?”

Grigor hit Ferbish. “If he’s right, we best be off.”

     Ferbish waved his thick hand. “We’re miles from there, traitor. Don’t ye fink I know me ways around? We’re near Hemlock Hills. Gargoyle country. It always snows fis time of year.” The gargoyles didn’t seem to be affected by the cold just like I wasn’t. But my friends were shivering. We needed to make a fire.

      I was about to suggest this when Brenden jerked his head from side to side. “Untie me now, gargoyle! I tell you the truth. You must have flown the wrong way. I know this field. If you go just 30 farthings back, you’ll find an old ruins. We could stay there for the night.”

     Now I’d had enough. “Why should we listen to you, Brenden?” I glared at him. “You led us into a trap!”

     “I didn’t! That was the dwarf,” Brenden pleaded. “Unbind me and I’ll tell you who I am and then you’ll believe me.”

      “Don’t listen to him, Miss,” Ferbish warned. “He’ll say anyfing to save his skin.”

     I crossed my arms. “Tell us now. Then we’ll let you go.”

     Francisco came up behind me, whispering, “Don’t make deals with him, Athena. He’s a liar.”

Holly nodded. “I don’t trust him either, Athena.”

     But my friends didn’t know I’d seen a different Brenden in the mist. I’d be able to ask him questions that would be hard to think up lies. “I saw you!” I cried. “I know you’re not a fairy. I saw your dark skin and silver hair and magenta eyes. I read your curse!”

     Ferbish growled, “He’s one of ‘em then, Miss. He’s a Droor elf!”

     Grigor flapped up in the air, mumbling and clawing at his throat. “Oh, I don’t likes the sound of this, Ferbish. Lets be off and leave him wif his kind.”

      “And give him over to his friends for trying to kill us?” Ferbish asked, flying beside him.

     “Better to be off than die a slow deaf in one of them dungeons.” Grigor cringed. “Ye knows Droor elves are nasty fings. They’ll hunt us down for killing him or even for tying him up.”

     Ferbish nodded and said, “Aiy that. He comes wif us then. We’ll fink about what to do wif him once we’re safe.”

     “Yes,” Brenden cried. “Now you’re making sense, gargoyle.”

     “No!” I yelled.

     The gargoyle’s eyes locked onto me.

     “He stays there until he explains himself. I want to know who he is, why he has a curse, and how he became a Wishcaster trainer in the Middle Realm.”

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Chapter Twenty: Gilly’s Trap

    “Brenden?” I breathed, trying to fight the sleep that was beckoning to take me. I could feel him jostling me as he scampered back to our protection. Tucking a piece of his hair behind his ear, I stared at his beautiful magenta eyes and dark gray skin in a complete daze.

    “Shush, Athena,” he whispered.“You’ll be fine once we get back to Pigeon.”

     He was right. As soon as we entered the purple smoke, my head cleared and my stomach settled. I breathed in the clean air. But when I looked up, I saw Brenden, the fairy in shadow, holding me with his light gray skin, black hair and dark eyes. Had I been dreaming? “W-What happened?” I asked.

    Brenden scowled. “You could have been killed, Athena! What were you thinking?”

     “Yeah,” Francisco said,hands on hips, “for once, I agree with sour pants. I can’t believe you did that! I’m so pissed right now.”

    “But she’s fine, guys,” Holly interjected. Yay for my bff sticking up for me! “Aren’t you?” she asked.

    Brenden set me down as I took another breath and grinned. “I feel great! In fact, I haven’t felt this good since before I changed into a drakkan. I think I don’t need the shield.”

     Brenden shook his head. “You need it. Your witch side longs for the crimerife and will do anything to seize it all the while hurting your human self. Too much crimerife is deadly, even for witches. That’s why they don’t mine it.”

    By this time Ferbish came barreling toward us. He pulled Brenden away from our protection and then hurled a powerful punch to his jaw, sending him sprawling.

Brenden stayed where he was, only slightly moving from his fall.

    “Come on, whoever ye are. Punch me back, if ye dares.” Ferbish bent over with his arms out, ready for an attack.

     “Ferbish, stop!” I yelled.

“Yeah,” Holly agreed. “No fighting, guys.”

     Pointing at Brenden, who was cowering in the mud, Ferbish yelled, “That ain’t no fairy, Miss. Look at him. He should be dead right now, but he ain’t.” Ferbish’s chest moved in and out furiously.

“He’s even stronger ‘an me, but I can takes him.”

     Ratskin intercepted Ferbish. “Go no further with this madness, gargoyle. We are less than an hour away from the witching hour, and I promised me missus I’d be home in time fer supper. We have a wee bit to go. Once I open the gate, you have me blessing to hang this Under-realmer by his ankles and let the Balor bats eat him. Until then, we must be on our way. Understand?”

     “Aye that,” Ferbish spat. He yanked Brenden by his wings and hollered, “Grigor, gets the rope.”

Brenden winced in pain.

     “You can’t be serious, Ferbish,” I yelled, so worried they were going to hang poor Brenden. “He didn’t do anything wrong!”

     Ferbish’s eyes almost popped out of his face. “He lied, Miss. He ain’t no fairy and until we know what he is, he will be shackled.”

    I let out a sigh when I realized they were only going to bind Brenden’s hands. “Will you untie him if he proves he’s our friend?”

    “When we gets you to the Middle Realm,” Ferbish offered, “then I’ll let him go. But he stays here. He ain’t going wif you until he confesses who he is.”

   I thought about what I’d seen earlier—how different Brenden looked. No one else seemed to notice the change or they would have said something. But I didn’t want to confess it. Not yet. Otherwise, who knew what Ferbish might do to him?

“Who are you?” I asked, crossing my arms.

    Brenden made no motion to answer. He only hung his head and didn’t look at anyone.

    I knew in my heart that I wasn’t dreaming when I saw Brenden as a totally different person. He definitely didn’t look like a fairy. But what type of race was he? And why wouldn’t he answer? I thought about what I’d read on his body—that he was hated and that people were to show him no mercy. I wondered if he was a criminal. A murderer!

     Letting out my breath, I said, “Fine. Tie him up. Maybe he’ll tell us after his wrists hurt.”

I was upset he wouldn’t confess. But one thing I knew–he had saved me, and when I looked into his eyes, I saw a person who wouldn’t do anything to harm us.

     Finally, after what seemed like several silent hours, we arrived at the edge of a forest. No one said anything but I knew what was in everyone’s mind. Did we have a traitor among us? I didn’t want to believe it.

    An icy wind whipped through my clothing, sending shivers down my body as I spied the gate. By that time, I’d put on my hood, not wanting anyone to see my un-shrouded self. The gate actually looked like a fence in one of those haunted house movies. No one would be able to climb over it.

    Thankfully, we were free from the mist and Pigeon went back to her shy ways at the back of our pack.

    With a jingle and a rusty clang, Ratskin clicked open the gate.

    I glanced at Francisco and he shook his head like we shouldn’t go in there. I agreed, but what could we do? It was Brenden’s plan, and I didn’t have another way out of this never-ending dark world.

    As if on cue, the sky began to redden like the opening of a deep wound.

Ratskin gave us a really creepy look. What the hell was going on?

A man came out and greeted Ratskin, giving him a pouch and a friendly pat on the arm. The shifty eyed man cackled and said, “The witching hour is upon us. Farewell, Ratskin, and do send me compliments to ye lovely wife.”

     Ratskin nodded and ran off without a good bye or even a nod to us. Nothing.

     “Good bye to you,too,” Holly yelled after him, waving.

     Francisco said to Brenden, “Dude, you’re not seriously asking us to go in there with that strange guy, are you?”

    As the sky grew darker, bathing us in the Under Realm eerie red light of dusk, Brenden swallowed, not saying anything. My hair stood on end. I didn’t like the frightened look on Brenden’s face.

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Chapter Nineteen: Into the Mist

After a few minutes, the rest of the party caught up to us. Ferbish put me down gently and snarled at Brenden. “I don’ts know what he’s up to but it ain’t good.”

     Grigor scowled. “What do ye mean, Ferbish?”

     Ferbish sniffed. “Don’t ye smell it, Grigor?”

     Grigor stuck his nose in the air, making pig-snorting sounds. “Aye that! Why you…”

Grigor picked up Brenden and held him by his collar. “What should I do wif him?”

    Ferbish glared. “Tie him up. We’ll leave him here while we figure outs another way.”

     I looked at Francisco and Holly. Worry crawled along their faces. They were as puzzled as I was.

    “Stupid gargoyles,” Brenden sputtered in a hoarse voice under the choke of Grigor’s grip, “you don’t understand. I have it all figured out.” He coughed and pleaded they’d let him down so he could explain.

    Ferbish didn’t move. He just tapped his chin, obviously trying to think of what to do next.

    As Brenden wiggled and struggled for each breath, Ratskin spoke, “Let him go, gargoyle. He speaks truthfully. I know his plan.”

     Under the darkest stare I’ve seen from Ferbish, he gave a nod to Grigor. Grigor dropped him and Brenden tumbled in the dirt. The shorter gargoyle pointed at him. “Ye better not try anyfing funny or I’ll drown you in the moor meself.”

    Brenden gasped for a while, gaining air in his lungs. He finally said, swallowing, “I know what this looks like…”

    “Yeah,” Grigor interjected, “like ye wants to kill off the little Miss here and her friends! One sniff from Myrrh Mist and they’re goners.”

    “What?” I whispered.

    Ferbish explained, “Remember I told ye Grigor and I work in the mines. We dig for crimerife—a crystal that gives witches powerful magic.”

    “Aye that,” Grigor cut in, “and the queen pays a lot to those who can get to it. The crystal gives off a stinking mist. Only the strongest can breath it wifout fainting.”

    Ferbish took over, “That leaves gargoyles, trolls, dwarves, and giants who mine. And if the Moor of Dread is full of the mist, it means one fing.”

    “Witches,” Grigor whispered.

    “Or worse,” Ferbish spat. “Don’t matter no how. Humans, fairies, non under-realmers die in the mist.” The gargoyle froze as if he was just hit with a pumpkin.

    Sniffing Brenden from the top of his head to his backside, Ferbish announced, “It’s as I was finking earlier. He’s not a fairy!”

     Fear blew over Brenden’s features like a coming thunderstorm. He answered, “Hogswallow. Do you not have eyes, gargoyle. I’m in shadow. No one but fairies do that in the Under Realm.”

     Grigor’s eyebrows rose as if that made perfect sense. Which it did to me. But Ferbish’s eyebrows furrowed even more. “Enchantment.”

     “Enough,” the dwarf spoke, waving at Ferbish. “We’re wasting time. This here fairy is just that. And he has a plan to get through the moor unharmed.” Ratskin motioned to Pigeon and said, “She’s a raven. They can cast a shield around the humans and this fairy. As long as they follow close beside her, nothing will happen.”

     Ferbish thought this explanation over a bit then grumbled, still not satisfied. I felt bad for Brenden. No one liked him and if it weren’t for his plan, we’d be stuck in the Under Realm, hiding from my grandmother forever.

    Running over to Brenden, I took his hand, pulling him to his feet. “Are you okay?”

    Brenden squeezed my hand. “I guess I’ll live. Thank you, dear Athena.”

Looking at Ratskin, he said, “And thank you, dwarf.”

     “I don’t need yer thanks. I need to be on me way,” Ratskin grunted impatiently.

     “Okay then,” Brenden clasped his hands together, pasting on a smile. “It’s time. Holly, Athena, and you there.” He pointed at Francisco who rolled his eyes and sauntered over. “Miss Pigeon, if you don’t mind.”

     Pigeon stepped forward, looking down as if embarrassed. I didn’t know what to expect, but I guessed this was why she was called a fearsome ally. I didn’t think radiating a shield was fearsome, but at this point I was grateful she had a skill to help us.

      Jutting her arms out, she uttered some strange sounds, almost like squawks, and a purple mist emanated from her hands, covering me, Francisco, Holly, and Brenden.

When she finished, she nodded quickly at Brenden.

     “I still don’t trust him,” the larger gargoyle muttered.

He put his face up to our purple shield inches from Brenden’s. “I’m watching you.”

Brenden drew back, uneasy. I didn’t understand what was up and hoped Ferbish’s worries were silly as the dwarf said.

     Next, Ferbish gave a few directions on how to get through the marsh. “Follow me and don’t look around too much. Don’t leave the purple shield of this raven or…” He jerked a finger right to left on his throat. My body felt like noodles as my heartbeat quickened.

     “Aye that,” Grigor agreed.

     We trailed after Ferbish, making sucking sounds with our feet, plodding in the marsh. As we walked further, the fog grew to the point I could barely see the gargoyles ahead. The purple shield blew the mist away from us as if it was a round blow dryer. I could hear my heart beating in my ears. It felt as if eyes watched us from all around. I wanted out of there. Fast.

     Trudging through the mist, hours passed, but then I saw a tiny orange light shimmering up ahead.

“Hey, what’s that?” I asked. “Is it the end of the marsh?”

     Ferbish turned his head toward me, uneasy. “The end is a half mile more, Miss.”

     “But what’s that light?” I asked. It grew larger as we approached. “Is that a harpswing?”

     “Athena,” Francisco said. “There’s no light. It’s just mist.”

     “Yeah,” Holly agreed. “Where do you see it?”

     I pointed at the orange pink light as it glowed brighter and brighter. I could feel its power as warmth, pulling me toward it. “Why can’t you see it?” I whispered.

    “Athena,” Brenden spoke urgently in my ear. “Are you feeling well?” He grabbed my arm.

     Shaking him off, I sprinted toward the light without thinking about the consequences. Once I stepped out of the shield, an overwhelming warmth as if I’d been dipped in golden energy surged through my body. Feelings of invincibility and euphoria swept through me as I breathed in the luscious licorice scent. My favorite candy. I’d never felt so good in my life! 

   “Athena!” Brenden shouted. “No!”

   “I’ve got her,” Ferbish chased after me.

   But I was too strong for a mere gargoyle. Giggling, I scampered just up ahead of him, whizzing through the mud as if it were grass just out of his grasp. “Can’t catch me!” I sang.

But as I neared the light, I noticed it turned into a glowing rock the size of a coffee table. Jumping over boulders, I yearned to eat it. Just a taste. That was all.

    “That’s crimerife!” Ferbish yelled. But I could barely hear him.

Glancing back, almost in slow motion, I spied Ferbish still chasing, but someone else, a strange person I’d never seen before burst out of Pigeon’s purple shield. He was tall with dark gray skin, long silver hair and magenta eyes. His face was beautiful like a dark angel. It reminded me of Brenden’s but older and more fierce with sharper angles to his nose and chin.

I knew he’d capture me if I wasn’t fast enough. I had to have the rock. The crimerife. One bite. One touch. That was all. He couldn’t stop me.

     As soon as I slid my fingers over the cool, luscious stone, my head spun as if I’d jumped off a fast twirling swing, making my stomach lurch.

Tumbling, I crashed into the mud. My head whirled so fast. “Ahh!” I cried. “What’s happening?”

    With great force, the strange man pushed Ferbish to the ground and barreled toward me.

He scooped up my body as if I were a doll.

My eyes were so heavy, but I could sense him. It was as if I was in a dream, watching everything.

The sky was almost blue now even though I knew that was impossible. I wanted to stay like this. In the light. With him.

As he carried me, I could see a scroll work pattern on his chest and along his arms. I read it even though I shouldn’t have been able to.

    It said:

Brenden, The Cursed.



For all eternity.

Show him no mercy.

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Chapter Eighteen: A Path for Misfits

Our journey was supposed to be easy, according to Brenden. First we’d trek off road toward the Moor of Dread, sludge through muck for a mile or so, then find a tiny gate called Gilly’s Trap. Our new friend, Ratskin, an old grouchy dwarf, possessed the key to open it.

This would lead us to the Cave of Woe. Nurse Mellecant’s eyes shifted nervously when she explained the cave’s history may have been a little…dark…but we weren’t to worry. She pasted a smile on her face but I could tell she was just trying to make us feel better. If we stayed on the path and didn’t get distracted, nothing horrible would happen to us.

Yeah, right. But did we have any choice?

By reaching the end of the cave, Brenden would be able to open a hidden door with fairy magic to his realm. Under-realmers were not permitted to see it. It was a secret pathway that only Wishcasters used.

     “How do you know about it?” I asked Brenden after Nurse Mellecant told me his plan.

     His face grew dark as if he was remembering something awful. “I have a bit of inside knowledge.”

He stuck his hands in his pockets, excusing himself, suddenly having to go to the bathroom.

     Our troop walked toward the woods– me, Ferbish, Grigor, Brenden, Holly, Francisco, Ratskin and another friend of Nurse Mellecant’s, Pigeon. She was as small as the dwarf with short spiky dark hair and huge, magenta eyes. I had no idea why she was coming along, but Miss Mellecant assured us Pigeon would be a fearsome ally. I didn’t understand who would fear her. She might have looked a bit goth but couldn’t frighten a rabbit.

   As we walked, the hood Miss Mellecant gave me itched, so I took it off. There didn’t seem to be anyone around to worry over my un-shrouded self.

  “So let me get this straight,” Francisco put his hand out toward the fairy. “We’re just supposed to blindly follow Brenden to a swamp, a trap, and a cave that sounds like my last nightmare.”

     Brenden looked disgusted. “What choice do you have, old chap? If you don’t like my plan, I suggest you figure out another way.” He snapped his fingers. “Oh yes, I think trotting off Hangman’s Cliff would be the perfect choice. It’s to your right. Just follow the gravel road.”

     “Nice,” Francisco sneered, glaring.

     “Hey, you two,” I said, “could we call a truce? The journey’s going to be hard enough without you bickering all the time.”

     Brenden floated toward us and said, “Then tell your boyfriend to keep his trap shut and you won’t be bothered by a thing.”

    “You’re impossible.” I raised my hands then hobbled away from the two morons.

     Stumbling over my big feet, Ferbish rushed over to me. “Easy,” he said, winking one of his dark blue eyes.

“Wish ye got yer wings out do ye?” he asked.

     “Wings?” I asked, confused.

     “Aye,” Grigor interjected. In his shroud, he was a bit shorter than Ferbish and plump but solid like he could have been a football player in my world. “You gots the wingspan of a giant eagle, ye do.”

     Ferbish gave Grigor a look. “Nawr, you dolt. A dragon! She gots the wingspan of a dragon or did ye forget that ye wet yer pants when ye almost turned to ash by her the other night.”

     “Awr, do ye have to remind me, Ferbish?” The teen boy rubbed the back of his neck and sulked.

      “Enough of yer yammering.” Ratskin the dwarf waved his hand. “Or I’ll poke yer voice boxes right out of their skins. Nurse Mellecant didn’t pay me good gold to suffer this nonsense. I’ve got a wife and children waiting for me, and I’d rather cozy up to a warm fire with them, taking the gold besides and not open yer fool gate.”

     “Why do we need you anyway, dwarf?” Brenden asked, curtly. “Just give us your key and we’ll let you on your way.”

     “Heh.” He shook his head. “Key’s worth more than any of your lives to me. I won it off one of the queen’s spies in a game of Stone Crow. She don’t even know I gots it. Ye think I’m going to award it to you pups?”

     He laughed, shaking his large belly as he waddled along.

     Holly sidled up to Pigeon. “So, where do you live?” Holly was great with strangers. In half a minute, she’d learn about their deepest secrets and favorite songs.

    Pigeon’s magenta eyes widened as if she’d seen a ghost.

She ran up ahead of our pack, not saying a word.

    “Weird,” Holly said, giving me a sidelong glance. “Okay, Athena, your friends and relatives are officially in the hopelessly freaky category. Sorry to say that.”  

     “Oh, don’t I know it,” I answered. “And I’m the queen freak.”  

    Holly squeezed me in aside hug. “Aw, don’t say that. I was just joking. So you have a witch for a grandmother, an elf-witch for a mother and you happen to be able to breathe fire sometimes. Is that so horrible?”

     I shook my head and sighed.

     “Look on the bright side,” she went on, “you can make s’mores whenever you want with that breath of yours. Pretty handy.” She plastered on a huge smile. That made me laugh.    

     After a few hours of walking, the tops of my feet felt as if someone had hammered them with bricks.

My body was definitely not used to walking. The hobbling only worsened until I was faltering.

Brenden loitered in the back and kept encouraging me to keep up, but that didn’t help me go any faster. I knew he was worried we wouldn’t make it to the gate by sundown.

It also didn’t help that the cobblestone streets had turned into a sporadic stone path, leading into a dark, ominous forest. The branches clicked together in the chilly wind, sending ripples down my back. When I thought I’d have to stop and rest, Ferbish pushed his ass in front of me and said, “Here, Miss.”

    I pulled my head back and asked, “You want me to spank you?”

    Grigor howled and doubled over, he was laughing so hard. “Oh…hee…if you only knew!”

     I put my hand on my hip. “Um…no.”

     Ferbish stood up and poked Grigor’s head.

     Grigor stumbled away, muttering curses.

     “That’s fer gettin’ smart,” Ferbish hollered. He turned and smiled at me. “Yer tired, aren’t ye?Climb on me back. Go ahead. Don’t be shy. I don’t work in the mines all day fer nothing. Gots me a strong back if I do say so meself.”

     I had two choices. Either ride on Ferbish’s large back feeling embarrassed or I could keep walking as tiny knives drilled into the tops of my feet. I knew my answer.

     “Okay,” I said, climbing awkwardly onto Ferbish, “but this is only until we get to the marsh.”

     “Hold on tight!” Ferbish cried, charging toward the front of our pack.

     I whooped, catching Brenden’s shocked face.

He chased after us. “Gargoyle, put her down this instance!”

    Ferbish laughed and galloped ahead until we couldn’t hear Brenden’s protests any longer. I felt like a little kid again, riding on my dad.

This gave me a pang, longing for home. I sighed.

     “What’s the matter, Miss?” Ferbish asked, slowing to a walk. The jarring movement reminded me of when I once rode a camel at a Christmas festival.

     “Are you sure I’m not too heavy? I’m like huge now.” I didn’t want to talk about my family. Too much had happened and it would make me sadder and miss them more.

      “Nawr. You’re as light as a harpswing.”

     “A harpswing. I’ve heard one of the fairies say something about that. What is it?”

     Ferbish didn’t say anything for a moment then he said, “They grow in the full moon’s light and last for only a day. They’re the closest thing we have to fairies, Miss. Tiny. No bigger than me thumb. And thin. Their wings are in the shape of a harp. That’s where they gets their name.” Ferbish turned his head and smiled up at me. “And they bring great good luck, they do. I’ll catch one for you, Miss. If’n ye wants me to.”

     “Sure. I’d love to see one.”

     “When the full moon rises, I’ll make a present of it.” He winked.

     My face grew warm. I had no idea why I was blushing. I only wanted to see a tiny Under Realm fairy. They sounded sweet and I hadn’t seen anything sweet in the Under Realm yet. Myself included. But if I thought about it, Ferbish was sweet.

     The wind rose up, whipping at my hair. The tree limbs clattered like a chime of bones.

     Ferbish’s back grew taut and he stood still. “Do ye smell somefing?”

        He sniffed the air like a dog on a scent.

      I breathed in deeply, sensing moisture as if a thunderstorm was about to erupt. “Rain?”

      “No,” Ferbish muttered, thick with worry. “Myrrh Mist.”

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Chapter Seventeen: The Plan

     “Dragon?” I hollered. “What were my parents? Beasts? Oh GOD!”

     Brenden shook his head. “You don’t understand. In your mixed state, somewhere in your lineage there was a…ah…changeling.”

     I jerked my chin down. “Changeling.”

    “Yes. That’s a person who can turn into a beast or animal at will. Your ancestors must have been able to morph into a dragon type human or drakkan, which is very similar to what I saw last night when you…”

     “When I what?”

     “Breathed fire.” His eyes nearly glowed.

     I slapped my hand over my mouth remembering the cauldron I felt inside me after the shroud was torn off.

     He continued, “Now this can be a characteristic of elfin, witch, or even human lineage. Who knows?” Brenden sat down on the edge of the bed, thinking. “But if it did come from your human line, it must be very ancient indeed. Changelings were burnt at the stake in Over Realm ancient history and none survived if they were ever discovered.”

    I looked at my skin. It almost sparkled in the candlelight, each scale glinting, but when I touched my arm, it was smooth as satin. “If I’m a changeling, why am I like this permanently?”

     Brenden shrugged. “I’m sure it’s the rare mixture of your bloodline. Honestly, the fact that your grandmother and grandfather met and fell in love is a miracle. Add that to your mixture of a human father and an elf-witch mother…” He gave one sharp shake of his head. “Probably has never happened before. You, my dear sweet Athena, are an…an…”

     I flinched. “An abomination.”

     Brenden shook his head. “No. An answered prayer.”

    Arching an eyebrow, I said, “Come on, Brenden. You want me to swallow that? I mean, why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden? Yesterday you were disgusted.” I’d seen first hand that both fairies as well as Under-realmers were prejudiced against some races. 

      “I knew it was wrong of me but…” Sighing, he shook his head like he was shaking off a bad memory. “It was a reaction I’m not very proud of. I thought you were a witch and witches…well…” Blinking several times, he went on, “Most of them become drunk with power once they find their way to…a certain substance.” He held my eyes for a moment then looked down. “But…what I forgot is you are well…you. I trust you, Athena.” He gave me this look that could melt the biggest glacier. “I do hope you’ll forgive me and not think on how I acted. I’m most ashamed of myself.”

   Wanting to believe him, I gazed at him for a moment too long when flutters flew through my body. I had to catch my breath. There was something about fairies that put a spell on me. Ugh. So, I decided to change the subject. “W-What about my sister, Zelda? Is she a drakkan, too?”

     “It’s hard to say,” Brenden shrugged, “but since she’s not in a wheelchair, she obviously doesn’t have a magical body to subdue.”

    My changeling body gave me the creeps. I didn’t even know how I turned into that…drakkan. It was so surreal. “Yeah. Maybe she just takes after my dad.”

    Brenden raised hiseyebrows. “Maybe, but she does have The Sight, which is a rare witchling trait.”

    “The Sight?” I asked.

    “She could see into the future. Remember when she took me as Wish Book out of your backpack? You didn’t see it, but she grabbed me while you were talking with your parents. And once she did, I could feel her emotions, and she was frightened.”

    “Yeah, I remember,” I said, thinking about Zelda worrying about me that time in my bedroom.

    “She must have seen your grandmother and that wicked Under Realm queen going after you. If that’s the future then it hasn’t happened yet. She could also see through shrouds.”

    I blinked a few times.“I remember her telling me I wasn’t like the bad people. They were ugly, but I was…” I stopped, blood rushing to my cheeks.

    “Dazzling?” Brenden asked, beaming.

    I pursed my lips. “No…anyway, I don’t like the idea that Zelda can see into the future and the queen and my grandmother will capture me.”

    “Maybe it’s a future that doesn’t have to be but might be.” He arched an eyebrow. “Nurse Mellecant has provided us with a map and I’ve devised a bit of a plan. With much good luck, we’ll escape without ever running into your wicked friends.”

    The next hour or so, Brenden outlined his strategy to escape into Middle Realm. Using the map provided by Nurse Mellecant, we’d steal into the forest with a team of misfit Under-realmers, including the gargoyles, Ferbish and Grigor, and my newfound fire breathing dragon skills, just in case anyone tried to stop us. He told me the night the gargoyles pulled off my shroud, I’d actually turned into a ferocious drakkan with huge horns and dragon wings. He thought I was going to cast some spell on all of them at first.

But then I surprised them all by spewing fire at poor Grigor from my mouth! I would have been overjoyed at the prospect of turning into a beast whenever I’d wanted except for the fact that it’d nearly killed me. Nurse Mellecant said I just needed time to toughen my body, and I’d be able to use my dragon breath at will.

   Over the next few days, my strength grew as I’d drank a ton of that delicious elixir as well as walked through Nurse Mellecant’s “garden” all the time.

 It was full of ratty trees and tons of bats who happened to like Brenden for some reason.

Francisco got a kick out of the poor fairy’s misery.

After Nurse Mellecant deemed me fully recovered, the time had come to say good-bye. Unfortunately, I couldn’t force myself to turn into a drakkan no matter how hard I tried. Nurse Mellecant told me it will happen naturally, so I shouldn’t worry, but the thought of roaming around the Under-realm without a shroud and without the protection of my dragon breath made me want to hide under the bed forever. And that’s even with Nurse Mellecant’s pet monsters living there. Yeah. I was totally freaking out.

     “But won’t people get the wrong idea if I’m not in my shroud?” I asked her as Francisco tugged on my arm for us to leave.

Over the week, I’d learned shroud etiquette of the Under-realmers. Not wearing it during the day was like walking around the neighborhood in your underwear. We’d attract a lot of attention if I paraded around in my mixed-monster self.

     Nurse Mellecant said, “Just wear a hood…none will be the wiser, lass.” She pointed at Holly. “I’ve given her your shroud.”

     Holly patted a side pocket on her pants and smiled.

     “Don’t wear the shroud unless you absolutely have to because once attached, you can’t take it off,” the nurse warned. “If you do, you’ll suffer the excruciating pain you did before. I don’t have time to weave you a new, lighter shroud, but Brenden assures me this will be done once you arrive at Queen Oria’s palace.”

     After many good-byes and hugs, we were on our way.

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Chapter Sixteen: The Revealing

I couldn’t remember what had happened after the gargoyles said they’d help. It was as if I’d sputtered out of life and then swirled right back in, waking up in a warm, tawny bedroom. The bed was large and comfortable. The walls were made of calming stone and there were several candles burning, giving off a pleasant glow. It was so strange to be able to feel legs and feet, something I’d never known my whole life. I had no idea what had happened to me, but one thing was for sure, my legs would never be the same.

    And then my stomach pricked with a jolt. I lifted my hands and couldn’t believe they were attached to my body. These weren’t mine. These hands and arms were long and delicate and…and…BLUE!

    I bolted upright and shrieked, “Ahhhh!”

    A middle aged woman burst into the room. The two gargoyles shuffled along behind her. “There, there, dear, what’s all the fuss?” She had a kind face, sort of like a mom. She was really pretty with red hair and shiny  blue lips. Wiping my forehead with the cold sponge, I calmed instantly. “Now, then,” she said, “you’ve had quite a fright, I’d say, but all is well. Nurse Mellecant has made it better.” She sat me up and settled next to me on the bed.

    I swallowed, noticing my mouth was dry. “Could I have a drink of water?” My whole body was shaking. What was wrong with me?

     “I can do better than that.” She got up and turned to one of the gargoyles. “Ferbish, fetch a glass of that elixir I made earlier and for Great Guardian’s sake! Put on your shroud. It’s nearly nine in the morning.”

She gave a stink eye to the other one. “And you, too, Grigor. Honestly, don’t ye have any manners?”

    Ferbish hustled behind Grigor like he was trying to hide from Miss Mellecant’s wrath and hung his head, saying, “I’m sorry, Miss Mellecant, but we feel awful sorry about what had happened to the young lass, and we wanted the make sure she was all right.”

“Yes, m’lady,” Grigor agreed. “We was just sore afraid, we haven’t gots more thoughts in our heads. Is she well?”

    Miss Mellecant nodded and whisked a finger at them. “She’s fine. Now get the elixir but only after yer decent. Understand?”

    “Aye, me lady.” The two huge creatures sauntered out the door.

    She shook her head. “Goodness, you have to watch those two like a vampire in a room full of humans.”

    I giggled. Even though the gargoyles had wounded me, I was beginning to like them. “Miss Mellecant, thank you for taking care of me, but I need to know a few things.” I scooted up, so I could sit straighter. “What exactly is wrong with me?” Thrusting my arm out, I showed her the strange light aqua color. “Will my skin go back to normal?”

    “Oh, dear, yes, that.” She fluttered her eyelashes and put on a wide grin, sliding next to me again. “Well, I’ve been chatting a bit with your friends, trying to sort it all out. And I examined your shroud. It seems it was created in a very different way than ours.”

    I cocked my head to the side. “Than the Under-realmers?”

    “Exactly. You see, our shrouds are thin and light and we can whisk them off at any time, preferably every night. Sort of like taking off a coat or a hat.”

    Ferbish opened the door with a slow creak. My eyes widened. Instead of an huge, menacing gargoyle, he looked like a normal, muscular teenager. He placed a glass that held some flaming amber liquid on the bedside table. It did not look appetizing. I didn’t want to drink it.

    “Thank you, Ferbish,” the nurse said.

    Ferbish nodded then waved at me. “Hello, Miss.”

    My face warmed. He was actually cute. I couldn’t believe I was attracted to a gargoyle. I had to get back to my own realm. And fast.

“I hope ye feels better, Miss. Just listen to Nurse Mellecant.” He gave me a wink then strode out the door.

    Miss Mellecant shook her head at him. “Silly boy. Even though they can be a nuisance at times, Ferbish and Grigor do have good hearts.” She sighed then went on, “Now, getting back to your shroud. Ye see, it is much different than the Under-realm shrouds. For some reason, it was crafted by powerful magic that would hide your whole body and keep you subdued. Also, it was designed to be attached permanently.”

She gave me the glass. The acidic mixture bit my nose. “Drink up, lass.”

   I choked at the smell of the stuff. One time Francisco had some smelling salts he used at mixed martial arts meets. He made me sniff it, and I about died since the scent felt as if it had burned all my nostril hair. This was no different. “Oh, Miss, I don’t think I can.” I turned my head and coughed.

    “I know it has a wee bite to its head, but it’ll go down smoothly, trust me.” She insisted, and I felt I had to obey.

     Plugging my nose with my fingers, I took a tiny sip. Surprisingly, it didn’t taste bad at all. Taking the glass from the nurse, I sipped it again, but this time, it tasted like a caramel ice cream chocolate shake. “Yum!” I said and gulped it down to the last drop.

     Nurse Mellecant smiled. “That’s a girl. You’re going to be as good as new in no time with that attitude.”

   I wiped my mouth. “Miss Mellecant, I’ve been thinking on what you said about my shroud. Does that mean this is my real skin color?”

    “Indeed. It’s a very fetching color, if you ask me. It sets off your golden eye color.”

     My eyebrows knitted. “But my eyes are green.”

    “No, lass. That’s your shroud’s color. Your true eye color is a brilliant, beautiful gold. But that’s enough about that. Once you’re well, you’ll get all acquainted with the true you, but for now…” She fluffed up a pillow and pointed. “You need rest. Your body has been stuck in a chair its whole life and you, my dear, were never meant for a wheelchair.” She tapped the end of my nose. “I had half a mind to report your parents to the high Tri-realm council for magical abilities suppression, but I have a suspicion they were trying to hide you, so anyway…” Miss Mellecant grinned making her eyes sparkle. “I won’t worry you about it.”

     Just then I heard a knock and a dark haired Brenden peered inside. “May I come in?” His skin no longer glowed like it did outside in the night time.

    As he stepped closer, I yelped, trying to hide my face. I didn’t want anyone to see me like this even before I’d looked in the mirror. “Make him go away! No visitors!”

     Disregarding me, the nurse shot up and welcomed him. “Yes, Brenden, come in and close the door. The lass seems a wee bit shy, but she’ll snap out of it.”

She waved her arms at me emphatically. “I dinna know why yer sore afraid, lass. He’s got a good plan for yer escape. You should listen to him. But if he says anything to upset you, just give a shout and I’ll come to the rescue, okay?”

She leaned in and whispered, “I know fairies have an untrustworthy reputation, but I’ve taken a shine to this one, and he says he’s yer friend, so won’t ye give him a chance, dear?”

    I nodded. I might listen to Brenden, but he wasn’t seeing my face. No way. I probably had one eye for all I knew. One ugly golden eye. Blecch.

    After a few moments, I felt someone pat my arm. I peeked through my fingers.

     “Athena?” Brenden said, “I’m…uh…er…sorry for my behavior earlier. I hope you will forgive the things I’d said. They were insensitive and absolutely, categorically out of line.” I heard him sigh. After a few minutes of me not moving and him not speaking, he finally said, “Won’t you stop hiding your face and talk to me?”

    “No,” I spat, almost in tears. I couldn’t face him like this. I couldn’t face anyone.

     “If you’re worried about what you look like, I’ve already seen you for hours.” Then he whispered so lightly I could barely hear him, “You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen in my life.”

    Gingerly, I peeked through my fingers again. “What did you say?”

     Brenden bent down on his knees and reached toward my head, pulling a strand of my long hair out of my face. “Light blue skin and sparkling silver hair, no doubt a mixture of witch and brindle elf.” He lifted my fingers in his. I felt a tickle ripple through me as my heart pounded.

“Long fingers from your elfin grandfather. And…” His gaze locked onto me.

“The eyes and scales of a…” He stopped suddenly, looking away and swallowing.

    “Of a what?” I whispered, not sure if I wanted to know.

    He drew in a deep breath and said, “Dragon.”

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