Epilogue Ten Years Later

Where had the time gone? It seemed like yesterday when I first became the Wishcaster, made my home here in Middle Realm in the village of Brindleton Eaves with the Brindle Elves, and went on a whirlwind romance with Brenden who married me a year later.

And now, we have two beautiful children who, by the way, made our lives anything but boring. Saron just turned eight and sweet Lillie is four going on fifteen now. She’s getting to the age where Saron actually plays with her. They loved to spar with their toy swords in the front yard.

“You might as well give up, Lil,” Saron teased. “I’m exceedingly better at this than you are.”

“No you aren’t. See?” She magically levetated in the air and smashed her sword, almost hitting Saron in the head.

“Be careful,” I called. But they didn’t listen to me.

“You’re not allowed to use magic when we’re sword fighting. That’s cheating.” Saron feinted Lillie’s move. I had to admit, my little Lillie was already a master fighter. She took after her father in looks and already used a lot of magic, no doubt she inherited some of my witch abilities. Saron, on the other hand, had his father’s demeanor and smarts and unfortunately, much of his impish willful tendencies. I had to keep an eye on him at all times.

“Take that!” Saron struck a blow to Lillie’s side.

I cringed. “Be careful or I’m going to take those swords right now!”

“Hear that?” Lillie waved her sword at her brother. “You’re in trouble now, Saron. YOU cheated!”

“Good Guardian, stop whining! You sound like an elder fairy who got her wings snipped off.”

“What’s all the fuss about?” Brenden asked, chuckling.

I wasn’t amused. These two would either play sweetly together or they fought constantly. And Brenden wasn’t the type to scold. That was my duty.

“Lillie, darling,” Brenden cooed, “are you beating up your big brother again? You know that’s not nice, sweetheart.”

“Mum, it’s not fair,” Saron said to me. “Why is Lillie allowed to beat me, and I get in trouble if I do the same to her?”

“Hold me, Daddy, please?” Lillie cried waving her arms. We were going to have to get that under control, but Lillie had Brenden wrapped around her little elven finger.

All of us walked to the backyard to make preparations. We were having the families over tonight. It was a special ten year celebration to commemorate our defeat of Queen Casteen and my induction to being the Wishcaster. And it was a good excuse to get royal passage from the Under Realm and Over Realms for my friends. Travel was permitted but you needed to have special permission. Loads of red tape to make sure the people coming and going were safe.

When I got to the backyard, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “Oh my GOD! SARON!”

One of the tree stumps burst into flames.

“I’m sorry, Mum, I didn’t mean to! I just burped!”

I knew this was a lie. Saron was a drakkan just like me, and we can turn on or off our fire breathing abilities at will. They don’t just “happen”.

“You’re in trouble, young man,” I snapped.

“Great Guardian, no worries, Athena, I’ve got it.” Brenden whipped up a spell that doused the fire.

Putting his hands together, Saron said, “Please don’t get angry, Mum. I won’t do it again.”

“I’ve heard that before.” I jerked my hands to my hips.

He added, “I promise to make it up. How about I play really nicely with that horrid girl, Sassie, tonight? That way, she can’t get into trouble.” He threw on a cheeky grin.

Saron might have been a little imp but if he promised me something, he’d follow through. “Okay,” I said, giving him an evil eye. “But if you don’t, you will be grounded from playing with your alchemy set. Understand?”

He nodded. “Yes, Mum.”

Sassie was Holly and Francisco’s daughter. She was six and had a mischevious streak. Holly and Francisco still lived in the Over Realm. Francisco took over his parents’ dojo as well as coached the boys’ wrestling team at our high school and Holly is a research scientist. I never saw them much but we did stay in touch on Spacebook and Spacetime. They vacationed here last year where Saron declared that Sassie was the queen of hell itself. I believe he has a little crush on her though.


Hours later, I was reading a story to Lillie when Brenden and Saron walked in. Saron said, “Oh…Mum’s almost finished with that book. Daddy, can you read us Good Night, Fairy? It’s my favorite!”

As my husband read, I heard the doorbell chime. “Oh no! The families!” I’d totally forgotten. We hadn’t finished cooking yet!

In minutes, the kitchen was bustling with chatter and laughter. I loved being around my friends again. I’d missed them so much!

Ferbish had gone through many girlfriends over the years, but this one, Grizelda, seemed to be good for him. They’d been dating for over year. We always teased him that it’s time to get down on one knee. At 300, he’s not getting any younger.

Grigor got married years ago to a wonderful gargoyle named Silver. They had a two year old son named Herc. The boy was a cutie pie with Grigor’s bright red eyes and fun smile.

“Selfie time!” Brenden shouted, snapping pictures with everyone. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have any photos. I was so glad he cared enough to think of it.

As Ferbish, Grizelda, Holly and I were chatting, Francisco came up to us and said, “So…where’s the food, Athena? I’m starving!”

“Babe, you know it’s not polite to ask for food.” Holly shook her head but laughed at his impropriety. He didn’t have to be formal at my house!

“Ugh,” I groaned. “I’m sorry, Francisco. It’s a little delayed. But soon!”

Brenden picked up little Herc. “My you weigh a ton. Is that a brick in your pants, little man?”

“Aiy that,” Grigor said, laughing. “I think he needs a diaper change.”

“Good Guardian, I knew I smelled something nasty.” Instantly, Brenden put the tot down. “Go see Mummy, young man.”

My eyes searched for Saron. I hoped he wasn’t getting into trouble. Then I spied him chatting with Sassie.

“Let’s have a race. First one to the backyard wins,” the little girl yelled.

Saron stuck his nose up in the air. “Drakkan’s don’t run. They fly.”

I shook my head. That kid. He was showing off. His wings weren’t fully grown yet so he couldn’t fly.

Her eyes popped. “You can…FLY? I wanna see!”

“Sorry. I’m not in flying attire. My wings would rip my clothes. Maybe later?”

I rolled my eyes. I was going to have a talk with that boy. He didn’t have to lie to impress girls. He was cute enough all on his own.

Thankfully, the meal was finished and we all settled around the picnic tables in the backyard.

“Anyone up fer plum ale? I’ll be a pourin,” Ferbish called, making himself comfortable as the bartender for the night.

Grigor’s wife, Silver answered, “I’d sure like me some of that now. Make it two. Me hubby loves it as ye well know.”

“Awr…how did I get such a sweet, bonny wife?” Grigor said, eyes twinkling.

“I done tol ye proper ye must have stumbled on a lucky star when ye met me, Grigor. Glad ye now know it to be true!”


As the sun went down, the four of us, Brenden, Holly, Francisco and I talked about all the things that had happened to us ten years ago.

I said, “Remember that time Francisco used you as a pillow, Brenden? I thought you were going to throw down with him right there. But you surprised me.”

“Yeah,” Francisco said, grinning. “Mr. Sourpants actually stopped whining for two seconds.”

“Who’s Mr. Sourpants?” Silver asked, walking up to us.

“Dearest Silver,” Brenden looked up at the gargoyle. “It might be best if you ignore these imbeciles. For whatever comes out of their mouths in relation to what happened ages ago will most certainly be rewritten history and not whatsoever resemble what actually happened.”

Francisco howled. “Some things never change!”

We all laughed together.

After I’d eaten my fill, I started clearing dishes then noticed my handsome husband waving to me to join him.

Gathering me in his arms, he whispered, “This was a banner party, darling. Thank you. I’ve enjoyed being with everyone again. And it makes me so very thankful we got through that whole ordeal unscathed. You mean everything to me.”

Squeezing him, I said, “Me, too. I love you, baby.”

“I love you, Athena.”

Okay…sniff…now we have to say good bye to everyone for real now. 😢

If you want to keep reading something written by me, please click my Other Stories link where I’m updating TRIBE WAHINE and DAY & KNIGHT. There’s also another fantasy there entitled, THE MANSION ON HORRID HILL. The first generation is similar in size as Wishcaster with many fantasy creatures and funny antics.

11 thoughts on “Epilogue Ten Years Later”

  1. Such a bittersweet end to a great series! I loved it, which means, of course, that now I’m going to miss it. Well done, Pammie! I love how you wrapped up this last chapter like a present to your readers. It was everything I’d hoped for.

    Francisco and Holly — I hadn’t seen that coming, but I can definitely see it now. I’m glad you included Ferbish and Grigor and that they’re now happily mated as well. Grigor’s little Herc is soooo cute! I love the comment about a brick in his pants. Great gargoyle humor. 🙂

    I adore Athena and Brenden’s kiddos and how you’ve portrayed their powers alongside normal childish behavior. I’m sure they’ll be gorgeous when they grow up — just like their parents. And, of course, it’s rewarding to see that Athena and Brenden’s relationship is still going strong. Thanks again for a wonderful series! You’re a talented storyteller, missy. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww…thank you for your kind words! ❤

      I did do this chapter for the readers because I know they were dying to have "the rest of the story". I've peeked at Brenden's and Athena's kids as adults and OH MY they have a great combination. Both are more handsome/prettier than their parents!

      Francisco and Holly–what they experienced naturally put them together and their personalities mesh well –both have such fun sensibilities.

      I'm so glad you liked Athena and Brenden's kids. They're both spunky much like their parents, but good kids, too. (With many powers. Oh my! I could tell more stories but it would do me in with all the cc…ugh!)

      Again, thanks for your sweet words. You made my day!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww this was such a sweet ending! It was so nice to see everyone so happy with their families (also “Spacebook” and “Spacetime” gave me a nice little chuckle! Hehe 😛 ). The new generation of kiddos are all so cute! (I’d almost demand a gen 2 if I wasn’t itching for more d&k hehe) All these characters have certainly all come a long way since the beginning! This was a really nice “send off” for all of them 🙂

    Congrats on finishing! This story was so fun to read, and your screenshots were always a joy to see! 😀 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! That’s what I call Facebook and FaceTime in all my sims universes! 😂

      And writing this left me wistful for the next gen. Almost. 😝 D & K awaits!

      Glad you liked the send off! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Surprise epilogue! And what a nice surprise, too. ❤

    This chapter was SO CUTE! Loved seeing all the kids–Athena and Brenden have their hands full for sure, LOL. Adorable, though.

    So sweet that Holly and Francisco got together–and that their daughter seems to have captured Saron's attention.

    I'd love to see a sequel someday!!! But for now, I'm super excited for D&K. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol…glad you were surprised. A nice bonus chapter.

      Definitely those two have their hands full. With all their powers and personality? Yup.

      I would like to do that next gen…but so many other things calling! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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