Chapter Ten: Training Time


Brenden took me to a room full of maps, books and crystals.


On one wall hung three huge maps—Under Realm, Middle Realm, and Over Realm. I recognized Over Realm—it was the map of Earth—showing all the continents.


Middle Realm was fairly small in comparison. There were five kingdoms with rivers and mountains flowing between them. On the outskirts of one kingdom was something called the Sea of Sand.


“Which kingdom is yours, Brenden?” I asked.


He hesitated, flicking his eyes down then threw on a smile. “We are near the Sea of Sand, here,” he said, tapping on the green colored southern kingdom—Fairbairn.


“Sea of Sand? Is that a desert?”

“Not like the deserts of Over Realm. This desert moves much like your oceans with currents and waves. We have sand boats that sail across it, but it’s very dangerous. Many nasty creatures live there.”


Brenden waved his hand over the maps, “These Realms exist together within the dimensions of the earth and are hidden from each other by an invisible shroud or shield until such a time when all realms will live together in peace. That, unfortunately, hasn’t happened yet. As you know, the Under Realm wants to attack our realms and bring us under their submission. As Wishcaster, it’s your job to oversee the shroud, making sure there are no punctures or cracks. You will also be an ambassador for all the realms. This will be explained more fully when we see the queen.”


I had more questions but decided I’d ask the queen later. In the corner, I noticed a white and blue shimmering crystal jutting out of a stone pillar. “Is that the Wish shard you were talking about earlier?”


Brenden grinned, walking over to the stone. “Yes. We use this to view our prospects.”


“We?” I asked. “There are more people looking for Wishcasters?”

“Yes,” Brenden said. “Four others will be going against you in the trials.”

“Four,” I whispered. “Do they have two working legs?”


Brenden threw up a finger and said, “Athena, the test has nothing to do with physical conquests.”


He tapped at his chest. “It’s what’s in here that counts.”

I bit my lip. I was about to argue with him about the real limitations of a wheelchair in places like a sea of sand or a mountain range when Brenden floated toward a stack of books on a table and picked one up.


Then he gave it to me. Similar in size to Wish Book, I opened it. The title page read: Wishcaster Training Manual: 9474.

I swallowed. “Looks like it’ll take me a century to read this.”


Cocking his head, he said, “You’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted with it if you do become the Wishcaster. But for now, I only need you to read the first chapter and then we’ll talk about it.”


I flipped through the pages. One in particular caught my eye. It read, “The Wishcaster is granted three wishes in times of trouble. They are only to be used when the Wish Book is not available. Use them wisely.”


I rolled my eyes. “Three wishes? Isn’t that a little…cliché?”


Brenden peered over at the page I was reading and glared. “Why are you on Chapter Twenty Three? I told you to read Chapter One!”


“Aw, c’mon, Brenden. This seems hokey. Three wishes? I mean…every fairy tale story uses this.”


Brenden pursed his lips. “Where on all the realms do you think these authors got the idea? All fiction starts with nonfiction. There’s a niggle of truth in every story. If you ask me, most authors are really thieves. Stealing from the realities of true stories of the past. There’s not an original thought in human history.” He jerked the book out of my hands and flipped to the front of the book then sat down in a chair. “Now here’s chapter one. Read.”


I sighed. “Fine.”

Just then, a frantic girl fairy who looked about the same age as Lenora, rushed over to his side. She whispered something urgently to him, but I couldn’t make out what she said.

Brenden’s face paled and he gasped, “Great Guardian.”


Snapping his fingers, sparkles swept over me as I’d seen so many times before when Brenden was Wish Book. “What the hell?”


When the flashes dissipated, I was dressed in some sort of fairy combat outfit.

Brenden changed into different clothing as well.


Taking the book out of my hands and tossing it on the table, he grabbed the handles of my chair and raced out of the room, pushing me with him.


“What’s going on?” I cried. My stomach whooshed like I’d dropped off a swing–we were flying so fast.


“I haven’t the time to train you, dear Athena,” he yelled, careening my wheelchair around corners.

We were going to run over a tiny tot!


“Watch out!” I cried.


“Get out of the way. Wishcaster incoming!” Brenden bellowed.


The tot (and a few other rando fairies) yelled profanities at him (well, I thought they were profanities—I really didn’t understand the words).


He shouted an apology and rolled me toward a vast, golden door. Jumping around my chair, he took both of my hands, breathing hard. “Do not look at Queen Oria directly until she gives the order.”


I could see his heartbeat pounding in his neck. Mine followed. “Do not say anything until she asks you a question.” He swallowed and glanced down for a moment then said, “And most importantly, Athena. Believe in yourself.”


My stomach clenched as all the blood drained out of my head.


The doors opened with a loud boom. I flinched, blinking wildly. I had no idea what to expect except that I needed to follow Brenden’s instructions. Although I didn’t really understand all that was going on, for some strange reason, I wanted to succeed. Deep down inside, I needed to become the Wishcaster no matter how stupid that sounded. Something within me yearned for it.

Breathing deeply, I looked down at my shoes, my velvet pants, my knobby knees.

“Ready?” Brenden said.

I nodded.









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15 thoughts on “Chapter Ten: Training Time”

  1. Another fun chapter. ❤ I can definitely tell you're doing your own posing and making lots of cc! Great job. ❤ ❤ It really adds to the story.

    And omg the little winged toddler…I almost died.

    Everything is so magical! It's so nice to get a huge injection of fantasy.

    I'm really curious about this queen…hopefully Athena doesn't mess up. Or maybe it'll be more fun if she does…? (Not for her, though.) The Sea of Sand sounds like such an interesting place! I know it'd be hard to show it in simlit though, alas.

    Can't wait for the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Sea of Sand will be extremely hard to create. So…not going to worry about it because we won’t get there for a WHILE! Ugh…the thought…

      And it’s total fantasy from here on out…so more work for me! (But I do have a lot of fun setting things up and thinking about poses.)

      Hee…Athena might mess up! Ack! 😱

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cliffhanger, evil! 😛 But another well-written and visually stunning chapter, as always! ❤️ And a really cool explanation of the different worlds (can’t wait to hear more about the evil middle realm too 😈)

    I can’t wait to meet the queen and the other potential Wishcasters too! I wonder what the trial will be like 🤔 Hopefully Brendan does well guiding Athena through all this! 😬

    Can’t wait for the next one, Pammie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! This was a short cliffhanger chapter. The next one will be longer (but yes, another cliffhanger!)

      We’ll get to visit the dark world…stay tuned! 😝 So glad you’re liking the story! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Another well-written, fun chapter! The tension is rising at this time! I hope Athena will do well and that Brendan will do an excellent job in guiding her through the trial! Looking forward to meeting the queen and the other potential Wishcasters!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is so much fun! Such a great chapter full of new revelations. The queen sounds super scary. That’s probably why Brenden was so worked up. He is so supportive and reassuring to Athena trying his best to help her. And now, she is invested as well in the outcome as well. ❤

    And the three wishes…..I *hope* one of those is that she has to be able to walk to do something and wishes for that. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We shall see about the three wishes. 😁 So much is going to happen! Keep this in the back of your mind as the story goes along.

      The queen IS scary. Poor Brenden…😬

      But he’s going to do his best even though he couldn’t train Athena.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. More awesome world-building! You do such a great job helping your readers visualize this fantasy world of yours. Now we’re all afraid of the queen — or at least afraid of the effect she has on Brenden. It’s never a good sign when someone as confident as Brenden is shaking in his boots. Love that Athena’s ‘fighting’ power comes from her heart. That means she still stands a good chance against the other Wishcasters, even without training.

    You just love those cliffhangers, don’t you? Evil genius. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

      Yes, Brenden IS afraid of the queen! You’ll hear a hint about why next chapter but you won’t fully know the reason until toward the end.

      Sorry about the cliffhanger. The next one is worse… 🤣😝😂

      Liked by 1 person

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