Chapter Eight: The Wishcaster



Before I could answer Francisco’s question, a little girl with shiny blonde hair in a cornflower blue and sage green dress appeared near the large tree in my backyard.



I gulped…

FLOATED toward me in a shimmer of rainbow sparkles.

What the hell was going on?


“I believe you wished to give something to me,” she said. Her tinkling bell voice calmed my pounding heart.


I tossed Wish Book at her feet. “Here! Take it. I don’t want it anymore.”


Zelda rushed to the little girl, sitting next to her. “I’m so glad you’re here,” she cried. “You can save us from that nasty thing in our kitchen!”


I had no idea what Zelda was babbling about. How could this strange girl save us from our grandmother?

The girl pushed Zelda’s shoulders back so she could gaze into her eyes. “What thing, child?”

Zelda pointed to our large back window. Gran was rolling out pastry on our kitchen table.

“Oh, Great Guardian,” the little girl whispered, standing up. “Brenden. Show yourself.”


All of a sudden, golden sparkles swirled around Wish Book until a blinding light shot out of it.


Then light exploded, shimmering all around us.


A person arose where Wish Book once sat. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Before me stood a dude who looked about my age and was all decked out for a Renaissance play. He was very handsome with bright golden eyes, dimpled chin, and wide smile.


“Athena,” he said, bowing deeply at my feet. “I’m forever in your service. Thank you for saving me from the nuisance of being that odious Wish Book.”

My breath caught. “W-Who are you?”

“I am Brenden, the Cursed,” he said as if he’d just announced his knighthood.


“But the queen will have to give me a new title, now won’t she?” he added. I could see a slight smile twinge at the corners of his lips.

The girl rolled her eyes. “That is the least of our worries, Brenden. Look there! In the kitchen. That creature in a thin shroud.”


Glancing up, he said, “Heavens! You’re right, Lenora.”


Brenden snapped his fingers at us. “All of you, listen to Lenora, Fairy of Essence. Come quickly.”

I gripped the rubber of my wheels. “I’m not going anywhere until someone explains a few things.”


Francisco walked to my side and glared. “Yeah. Why should we go with you?”


Holly yelled, “Guys! I think we better leave. Something’s up with Granny!”


“Come here, dear ones,” my grandmother called from the back porch.


Pulling a translucent veil off of her body, she transformed into a scary blue skinned witch.


“Oh God, oh God,” I said, feeling like centipedes were crawling up my back. I pulled at Zelda’s shirt to follow. “Yes, we’ll go with you.”

Brenden huddled us around us, saying, “Hold hands.” Clasping mine with a smile, he went to grab another hand. It was Francisco’s.


He snarled then flicked his fingers away as if he touched something disgusting.


Francisco grinned and moved to my other side.

The witch must have figured out Brenden’s plan. “In the name of the Under Realm, you’ll not take her from me!” she screeched.

Glowing orbs appeared in her hands and she spoke some strange words.


A shower of icicles shot through the air, pinning us into a frozen prison.


Lenora breathed deeply, closing her eyes. “Do not give into her threats. Concentrate on me, no matter what she does. She cannot do anything to us that we do not allow. This is not her realm. As it is not mine.”


Lenora caught me with her eyes. “Athena. We need you now. Brenden?”


“Blast,” Brenden grumbled as he ditched my hand.


In an explosion of light, he transformed back into Wish Book. Lenora placed him on my lap along with the pencil that I’d flicked in the flower bed only moments before.


The witch cackled. “Athena, my dearest granddaughter. What is that half-pint fairy telling you? They’re lies. Me powers are indeed very strong in this realm as she knows. The rampart protecting this world is crumbling.” She scurried close to the frozen prison bars. I could smell her breath—it was like a decaying skunk on the side of the road.


“That’s why I’m here. Come with Granny, Athena, and I’ll show you what your power was really chosen for. You have a gift. Casteen, queen of the Under Realm, has seen that your time has come and allowed me to go to you.” She beckoned me, outstretching her blue, gnarled hand. “Come, dear child.”


“Ignore her,” Lenora whispered. “Wish us to my realm where we’ll be safe. A fairy kingdom with a castle, flower gardens with animal topiaries and two enormous guardian unicorns at the entrance.”


“But why can’t you snap your fingers and get us there? Aren’t you a fairy? Use your pixie dust or something.” I whispered back, freaking out. I wondered where the hell my parents were? Did that witch do something awful to them? My body trembled at those terrible thoughts.

“No, Athena! My powers are limited in this realm. You must do it! With Wish Book. Hurry!”

I didn’t know what else to do but obey this strange fairy girl. Anything was better than listening to that horrifying witch.


I pictured us on the grounds of a beautiful white castle with lots of flowers and trees surrounding it. Gigantic ivory unicorns guarded the large castle entrance with green topiaries of elephants and other animals dotting the landscape within its plush grounds.

Readying my pencil, rainbow sparkles crept up my hand. I pulled back, saying, “I can do it by myself, Brenden.”

Hurriedly, he whispered, “I’m only going to speed you along, but I need you to not resist.”

The witch hissed, “Very well. If you won’t listen, Athena, then I will stop you. You leave Granny no choice.”


The witch spoke some words and it felt like a sickening cold shackle clamped down on my throat and my writing hand. I didn’t know which would happen first, either I’d pass out from the blood not reaching my head, or I’d lose all sensation in my hand. My head pounded as my heart leaped out of control. Tears threatened. I couldn’t do this.


“I can’t,” I gasped, struggling to breathe.

“Athena,” Lenora whispered. “She isn’t more powerful than you. This is your realm. Use the Wish Book against her. Fight.”


Sparkles flew before my eyes and then I drifted into a dream of shadowy voices, melting into one another. Gradually, my focus returned. Soft grass poked my cheek. I’d somehow fallen over and now was sprawled on the ground, magically out of the ice prison.


The witch cried, “It’s over, Lenora. Go tell yer fairy queen to give up. The time of the Over Realm, Middle Realm, and Under Realm truce is finished. Convey to Queen Oria that when the new moon rises, our armies will have already overtaken your world.”


Lenora laughed, her voice like pleasant chimes. “Hogswallow, Sidheag. You and your kind can never penetrate our magic. It was ordained by the Great Guardian as was The Wishcaster.” She motioned toward my body. I closed my eyes to pretend I was still knocked out. “This move was all in vain as are your hollow threats.”


While Lenora talked, I spotted Wish Book lying next to me and the pencil close by. My heart pounded in my ears. I still had a chance.

Inching my hand toward Wish Book, I went to grasp it.


Lenora spotted me and went on with her speech even more forcefully. “And furthermore,” she said, marching to her left so the old woman would put her back to me, “once Queen Oria hears of your wicked plot, she will be ready for you. What a globstroppet idea to tell us of your plan, Sidheag. What on Middle Realm were you thinking?”


The rainbow sparkles whipped around my hand as my pencil raced across one of Wish Book’s pages.


Once I’d finished the last image, a giggle bubbled up and surrounded me, pounding against my head as if a thousand fairies were laughing in my ears. The sound whirred around and around, making me feel dizzy.


Flashes dazzled before my eyes and then they went blank like I’d passed out again and fallen into a deep black hole. But before I twinkled out, I thought I’d heard Lenora’s voice in the distance, “Do you think she’s the true Wishcaster?”

And then Brenden’s soft low voice answered, “I’ve known it all along, Lenora. Without a doubt. She’s the one.”

















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22 thoughts on “Chapter Eight: The Wishcaster”

  1. Ooh awesome chapter! It’s so exciting to see Athena pulled deeper into all of this (and her friends coming along for the ride!)

    I’m excited to know more about Athena’s destiny as the wishcaster (and how she will feel about it!) And also hoping Brendan gets freed from his book form more often 😉 Hehehe

    Looking forward to the next chapter! I bet the fairy realm is awesome! 😀 And Hopefully Athena’s parents will be okay… so much evil lurking around their daughter (and even in their home 😱)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!

      Fairy Realm is next chapter. Athena hopes that witch didn’t do something nasty to her parents! 😮 She’ll make sure somehow (when she gets the chance.)

      Brenden WILL be free of his book form once they get to the fairy place. (So, yes, we’ll be seeing more of him. 😉 )

      Friends will be with her during this journey, so yay! (Although you won’t see them for a bit, they’ll be with her through most of it.)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There IS something special about Zelda…not sure if she’ll get to become something like the Wishcaster, but for sure, something is going on with her.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really wonder why Zelda could see “Granny” for what she was! Oftentimes in stories, kids can see things that adults can’t, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something deeper.

    And ha, Granny had a skull necklace like that teacher. Interestinggggg.

    Athena is really lucky her books turn into hot guys. I just download mine onto my Kindle.

    At least now no one will be denying the power of the Wish book! And LOL, it’s pretty obvious why the book tormented poor Francisco……

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hmm…you could be right. There might be something deeper going on with Zelda.

      Skull necklace…😈😈😈

      Athena has got to be a lucky girl when books turn into hot guys. Francisco is not happy…

      (And yeah…the books motivations are clear now).😜

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I got chill bumps….haha. The sparkles and special effects are all so cool. I know you must spend a ton of time on that and posing!

    Now to the actual story! So Holly knows something…maybe. Zelda has some sort of magical powers too because she could see her and somehow knew that Lenora was good and could save them. It makes me wonder how Athena and Zelda got ‘powers’. Her parents don’t seem to be anything special…but maybe it was a grandparent and I don’t think the witch was really the grandmother.

    Or perhaps it’s some sort of purity of soul? Who knows…I suppose we will eventually find out but it’s fun guessing!

    And Brenden likes Athena and wants her for himself! If he could do the wishes himself, he wouldn’t have brought Francisco along…if they did. But I suspect all of them went. Those are the people that are most dear to Athena so she wouldn’t have left them behind. ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, each of these chapters takes me days to do with all the pose making and set up but I’m having fun with it!

      Holly might know something but why? There’s definitely something up with Zelda. And maybe Athena. But what? I promise you’ll find out little by little.

      I like your thoughts on why these girls or even Athena’s friends could be special. And yes, both boys have a crush!! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Brenden and Francisco both have a crush on Athena. Whoever wins her heart just is remember Zelda will grow up someday and there’s always Holly. All Athena’s friends and little sister when play an important role in the saving of fairyland. I wonder if her friends have special gifts like Zelda they don’t know about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right! Zelda will grow up and there’s always Holly!!! These are good thoughts! We’ll see if these guys figure this out when things might go wrong in their quest for love(which it will did one of them) 😔


  6. WOW! A lot of things happened! Granny = A Witch! :O That skull necklace looks familiar! A certain teacher has it too.

    I see there’s a love triangle going on here!

    Kudos to Zelda for being such a special girl! Speaking of Zelda and her powers, I too also wonder if Athena’s friends also have powers that they’re not aware of.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Zelda IS a special girl and Granny is a witch! 😱

      Love triangle has officially commenced (even though Athena has no idea about it).


  7. Awesome chapter! Loved all the cool things you created … from the poses to the special effects. But I live for the story! Being a romantic at heart, I immediately keyed in to the love triangle between Francisco, Brenden and Athena. There’s no love lost between those boys. Did you have to make them BOTH so stinkin’ adorable? I was Team Francisco for a while but have been enamored with Brenden from the very beginning. Now I’m Team Brenden AND Team Francisco. I’m destined to win … and lose. I’ll just have to keep reading to satisfy my curiosity. Aren’t you the clever one? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad you liked this chapter!

      And it’s nice you noticed the poses. I’m having to do most of the poses from here on out. I’m getting better at it, at least!

      There’s a definite love triangle. Lol! I love that you are on both ships (confession…so am I! 😱)

      Stay tuned…😁

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