Chapter Seven: Last Wish


On our way to my house, we picked up Holly.

“Soooo, you actually chunked it in the dumpster?” Holly cringed.


“Yep,” I said, making my hands soar like the dumb book. “Heard it thud at the bottom. I’m through with it. Who knows what it would have conjured up next?”

“Yeah,” Francisco said. “I didn’t know Athena had such an arm! That wheelchair must build up huge muscles.” He squeezed my bicep.


“Stop it,” I protested, pretending not to like it but not doing a good job of it.


Shaking her head, Holly said, “You two, this is serious. I think Athena made a big mistake. She gave over control to the book which is a rule that must not be broken.”


I cocked my head. “How do you know?”


Pausing, eyes darting around, she stammered, “Uh… it’s…um…o-obvious, isn’t it? Would Aladdin ever allow the genie to make a wish for him? Would Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz ever let someone else use her magic ruby slippers?”


Francisco shook his head, laughing. “Sorry, I don’t agree. No one but Dorothy could use those magic slippers, and Wish Book is no genie. It does what it wants. I’m with Athena on this.”

“Totally,” I agreed, so happy Francisco and I were on the same team.


“Point taken,” Holly said. She loved arguments based on logic. She continued with an impish smile on her face, “But I say this magic book is indeed every bit as powerful as a magic genie or Dorothy’s ruby slippers, and if Athena would take the time to use it like she’s supposed to, she may find the reason it was given to her in the first place.”


She stopped for dramatic effect, raising her arm. “But I can tell you allowing the book to have its way is not one of them.”


I threw up my hands. “Holly, who cares? The book is gone. It’s probably on its way to the dump in San Myshuno by now.”

Holly moved ahead of us, not saying anything. We followed in silence. I had a feeling she wasn’t telling us something.


The white flowered dogwood trees near my house were in full bloom, which gave me the idea to do our science experiment in the backyard. I loved the smell of spring. So fresh and sweet. And I adored sketching out in my backyard. The scenery would make the science project even more exciting. But I had to ask my mother if it was still okay to have Holly and Francisco over since I was grounded.


I stopped before I rolled up the wooden ramp to the door. “You guys stay here while I go check to see if it’s okay.” I also wanted to peek at my newly decorated bedroom.


They both nodded. Holly and Francisco sat down on the front porch bench waiting on me.


Carefully, I entered. I heard a familiar voice cackling in the kitchen. Whizzing my chair over as fast as I could, I shouted, “Gran?”


“Oh, me dumplin’ dee. Granny is so happy to see you!”


She put her knives down on the counter then bent over, enveloping me in her squishy arms.


Gran was here! I rarely got to see her since my dad had quit his job. Four airplane tickets to Scotland would bankrupt us for sure and normally, she couldn’t see us more than once every two years. “How come everyone kept this a secret? Mom never mentioned your visit.”


Gran’s silver eyes twinkled through her round glasses. “Well, that’s because she didn’t knoo herself.” Gran’s Scottish r’s trilled and sometimes she would speak so fast, I wouldn’t be able to understand every word. “It’s a surprise!” she announced.


“Your parents stepped out to buy some groceries. They’ll be back shortly. I’ve been keeping a wee bit of company with the young lass over there.” She pointed toward the entryway closet, then bent closer to me and whispered, “It don’t look as if she remembers me now. Locked herself in the closet, she has. It took all me powers of persuasion to coax her out, but she won’t have none of it.”


Zelda. That girl. How she could be bratty to our sweet old Granny was beyond me.

“Sorry about that, Gran. I’ll try to talk to her.” Then I remembered Holly and Francisco sitting on the front porch. “Oh yeah, my friends are here. We’re about to do a science project in the backyard. Would you like to see them? I think you’ve already met Holly.”


Gran beamed. “That sounds lovely, lass. Please, show them in.”


But before I could open the door, Zelda burst out of the closet, freaking out.

“What’s the matter, Zel?” I asked, trying to feign some normalcy. The girl was about to have a meltdown. I wondered what was wrong with her.

She took a peek at Gran then hollered, “That’s not Gran.”


I nervously glanced at my granny from Scotland whom I’d adored all my life. White, short haircut. Three deep wrinkles above her forehead. Milky, weathered skin. Smelled of gingersnaps and cigarette smoke. Black horn-rimmed glasses she’s worn like forever. Yes. That was Gran.


“I don’t know what she’s talking about, Gran,” I said, trying to make my grandmother feel better. “Zelda’s been having trouble lately. Yesterday, she destroyed my room and ranted about bad people. I’m a little worried about her.”


“Well, that’s okay, hun,” Gran responded to Zelda’s wild accusations. “Zelda, me lovely, I’m about to have a go at Toad-in-the-Hole. Yer favorite.” Then she squished her eyebrows, sliding her hand behind her head and whispered, “That should make her feel a wee bit better, don’t ye think?”


I grinned and nodded, throwing my head back thinking I could talk Zelda into eating my grandmother’s wonderful dishes. She cooked like a certified pastry chef. Once Zelda tasted the sausages and mouthwatering buttery crust of Toad-in-the-Hole, she’d change her mind. “Zelda, I’m serious. Behave!”


“Thena, she’s…please don’t make me stay!”


“Why are you acting like this? She’s our sweet Gran!”

“Thena… Let’s go. I don’t want to be here anymore!”


I sighed and told Gran we’d be in the backyard. She was so sweet and waved us off, saying it’d be an hour before her wonderful masterpiece, Toad-in-the-Hole, was ready.

I was so embarrassed. What had gotten into my sister?

I opened the front door and told my  friends I’d meet them in the back with the box full of science experiment stuff.

Once we got there, I gave Holly the box and she put it down on the ground.

Francisco motioned at Zelda. “What’s with the rugrat?”


Zelda glared and yelled, “I’m not a rat. I’m a girl.”


Francisco laughed and said, “Could-a fooled me.”

Zelda stuck her tongue out.

I sighed. “Come on, guys. My parents are on an errand and my sister suddenly doesn’t recognize my sweet granny.”


Holly winced. “Your grandmother is here from Scotland?” Fear crept in her voice, “You didn’t say anything about her visiting.”


“I didn’t know about it until a few minutes ago.”

Holly shot a worried look. “Hum.”

“What do you mean, hum?” Hum was Holly’s catch phrase for either something was very puzzling or very wrong.


Walking to the box, Holly piled a list of reasons. “Number one, you were given a magical book by a strange little girl that holds peculiar powers, some of which can be quite nasty.” She glanced over at Francisco. He blushed, no doubt recalling his goofy poetic rant about how he loves me.


“Yeah, so?” I said, shifting.

“So, number two, your grandmother all of a sudden comes to visit all the way from Scotland without a word to anyone at this exact time. Three, your little sister doesn’t recognize her. In fact, she’s frightened.”

I gazed into Zelda’s silver eyes. “Why are you scared of Granny?”

Zelda shuddered and said, “She’s…an ugly toad.”


“Zelda!” I hollered. “Take that back! Gran is very pretty for her age!”

But Zelda just winced and shook her head.

Holly scrounged around in the box. “Oh my GOD!” she cried, then whipped out a golden book.

Wish Book!


I pointed. “W-Where did you get that?”

“Did you dig it out of the trash?” Francisco asked.

“No. It was here in the box! I just found it.” She resembled a girlie Sherlock Holmes who’d solved her first case. “It appears this book is not done with you yet, Athena.” She opened it and shoved the book into my hands.

“Oh no. I’m not drawing in this book again. If you love it so much, why don’t you wish in it?”


Holly waved her hands. “Well, I…uh…can’t. It’s not for me, Athena. It’s for you.”


“How do you know?”


“I just do. Trust me.”

But Holly didn’t have a look as if I should trust her. She was hiding something. “What is with you? How do you know anything about this book?”


Sighing, she dropped her hand, slapping her leg. “Don’t try to figure it out. We don’t have much time. Just…well, you need to make another wish. I’m not sure what, though. Think it through. It’s important.”


I glared at her not understanding why she wanted me to make a wish and why we didn’t have time. Confused, I thought about this situation. I hated that book and didn’t want it anymore no matter what Holly said. If the book wouldn’t allow me to throw him out of my life then I would wish him away. “Okay. Fine. Do you have a pen?”


“Awesome! I knew you’d listen to reason!” Holly dug through the box and pulled out a pencil. “Here!” She placed it in my hands.

I rolled over to the picnic table, readying my pencil.

I was about to start on my drawing when I heard the book say, “Let me do it.”


I looked at my friends, but it was clear they couldn’t hear what I was hearing. I gulped.

“I know what you need,” it cooed.

“NO!” I hollered, jerking my hand up to draw when suddenly, the sparkles crept up my arm as I felt a warm hand wrap around my fingers.


“Stop!” I screamed, but it didn’t stop. The hand thrust the pen to the page, ready to do what it wished. I was nothing more than a slave doing the bidding of an evil spirit.

Heart racing, I had to think fast. I was not about to let it draw whatever it wanted.

My hand wobbled uncontrollably as I fought against the unseen force. And during that struggle, I wished with all my might that I’d never accepted that horrible book.

I had only one thought. One purpose. One last wish to draw. My hand felt as if it was drawing in sand, but I drew anyway. Slowly. A face appeared. Then her skirt. A hand. Wish Book. Tiny sparkles. My wheelchair. Sweat poured down my nose as my arm burned against the power. Wish Book must have figured out what I was up to, because it fought against my pencil, trying to stop me, but I would…not…


You will.


You will.






The pencil flew out of my hand, tumbling end over end, almost in slow motion until it landed in the middle of a flowerbed.

“Athena!” Francisco gripped my arm. “What’s happening?”


Breathing hard, I turned my head slowly and peered down to see my picture.

I didn’t remember drawing all of it (I mean, what was up with that “Tough Love” shirt anyway?) But I’d hoped the message was clear and the stupid book would grant this wish.

I was giving Wish Book back to the girl.

last wish















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25 thoughts on “Chapter Seven: Last Wish”

  1. I am with Zelda here! Haha I felt suspicious instantly. I have a feeling there are some people out there who are after Wish Book… but I wonder why Zelda is the only one who seems to sense them!

    And I can’t wair for Holly to fess up about how she knows so much too. All that knowledge can’t be JUST from her mom, can it?

    Lots of people in Athena’s life seem to have secrets (like her teacher and the man at the bookstore… and now Holly too!)

    Glad Wish Book returned like a creepy doll 😛 But Athena is still so determined to ditch him… I hope this most recent Wish isn’t a mistake!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! You guessed the creepy doll scenario! 😛

      So you think the sudden visit from Granny is suspicious? And why does Zelda “see” things others can’t? Or is she just crazy? (Poor thing!)

      Holly is acting strangely…but then she’s a genius so maybe she just is well read on some matters.

      SECRETS?! Mayyyyybe…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a creepy book! Definitely has a mind of its own… Instead of being a tool for Athena, Athena seems more like a tool for the book. I have a feeling she won’t be able to give the book back…

    Weird story for Halloween that your wish book reminded me of: one time, when I went to the beach, I got a preserved dead fish as a souvenir. (???????) It creeped me out so much with its dead eyes that I flushed the damn thing down the toilet. And then like a week later…it reappeared in the bathtub and scared the shit out of me. My mom didn’t know anything about it.

    Also hmmmmm, could her “grandma” be a certain weird fairy? Zelda may be on to something!

    Really loved your poses this chapter. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG!!!! I would have FREAKED if that creepy fish had come back to haunt me. In the bathtub???? *Shivers* 😮 (Great Halloween story!!!)

      We shall see if she can give the book back. That book fought hard to not “let” her make that wish so…hmmm…

      Hmm…so you think “grandma” might be…Mr. Blondie Fairy? Hmm… 😈 Who knows?

      Glad you appreciated the poses because damn! They took me a while to do. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG I found a pic of this taxidermied fish that looks almost identical. Seriously, why did someone buy this thing for me:

        There was a whole store of fish like that, and then weird stuff preserved in jars like seahorses. Aaaa so creepy.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I had a feeling the book would be at her house when she got home. How will she fine the girl to give the book back?
    Maybe, Zelda sees things others do not or maybe all children can see the good and bad fairies in fairyland.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your thinking here. This is quite possible that children have this “sight”. Or it could be something else…😊😌🎃


  4. I feel like I need to go back to the beginning and reread everything in this story again with a new perspective. So many secrets and people that don’t seem to be what they are supposed to be. It feels like Athena and Francisco are the only ones not in on the secret of the wish book.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dark WitcHazard: It would appear you have gained access to a powerful magical item! Being that it is a book the next course of action would be to chuck it into a wood chipper! If it magically comes back together try step two you must burn it! If this magically items pulls a pheonix and rise from the ashes you must proceed to step three having a wise old sage banish the magically object to a nether realm! If against all odds this object finds itself back in your possession then congratulations you have been cursed with the duty of having a high leveled magical item! Word of advice is to run because there is a good chance someone or something is out to get you and they will kill to get it! RIP to friends, family, and crushes! After a rigorous journey you will be caught! Because you are bond to said magical object you will be forced to use this magical object for your new slave master for the rest of you miserable life!

    Lover WitcHazard: Why didn’t you tell her about sacrificing her soul to a low tier god to break the bond with the magical object then have someone close resurrect her?

    Dark WitcHazard: Between Red, the hunk with glasses, and silver eyes little sis which of them have the potential to pull off resurrection spell correctly none of them!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk! My Ship!💗💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg. Dark, I’m so glad she didn’t listen to you. If she put the book in a shredder she would have murdered someone! 😱😱😱
      Not sure if sacrificing to any kind of god would work in this case. And shipper? Who are you shipping?


  6. So the Wish Book all of a sudden in a box at Athena’s house! This book certainly has a mind of its own!

    “Granny” all of a sudden appears! Something fishy is going on here! Also, Zelda might be seeing things others may not notice.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Interesting that Zelda called Granny an ‘ugly toad’ — not just a bad person. She must be able to see magical creatures for their true nature or something. I wouldn’t dismiss her as crazy. And Holly definitely knows more than she’s sharing, even if it’s just a sixth sense. I’m glad Francisco had a chance to see Wish Book in action so he and Athena are on a more equal footing. It’s a lot harder to doubt something you see with your own eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It does seem as if Zelda is seeing through something…

      Holly is very smart…is she just really perceptive?

      And yes…Francisco now knows something weird is happening.

      Liked by 1 person

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