Hello, dear reader!

Welcome to my new adventure fantasy that follows a seemingly average teenaged girl, Athena Martin.

But this girl is anything but normal.

By drawing a few pictures in a weird yet beautiful book, all of Athena’s wishes seem to come true. But instead of simply helping her, it leads her onto a fantastical path she cannot escape.

So, come with me and enter the world of…



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Prologue The Beginning

Chapter ONE Wish Book

Chapter TWO: The Suggestion

Chapter THREE: The First Wish

Chapter FOUR: The Second Wish

Chapter FIVE: The Third Wish

Chapter SIX: Wish Fail

Chapter SEVEN: The Last Wish

Chapter EIGHT: The Wishcaster

Chapter NINE: The Middle Realm

Chapter TEN: Training Time

Chapter ELEVEN: The Second Trial

Chapter TWELVE: Scotland

Chapter THIRTEEN: Witches and Elves and…?

Chapter FOURTEEN: The House of Payne

Chapter FIFTEEN: Ferbish and Grigor

Chapter SIXTEEN: The Revealing

Chapter SEVENTEEN: The Plan

Chapter EIGHTEEN: A Path for Misfits

Chapter NINETEEN: Into the Mist

Chapter TWENTY: Gilly’s Trap

Chapter TWENTY-ONE: Land of the Droors

Chapter TWENTY-TWO: Prince Brenden MacAilf

Chapter TWENTY-THREE: The Challenge

Chapter TWENTY-FOUR: The Cave of Woe

Chapter TWENTY-FIVE: Traitor

Chapter TWENTY-SIX: In the Trap

Chapter TWENTY-SEVEN: The Queen

Chapter TWENTY-EIGHT Surprise!

Chapter TWENTY-NINE: The Ceremony

Chapter THIRTY